Earn money $50/Day by watching movies

You love to watch movies, aren’t you? However, some of you can watch movies all day long. Once the ends, you start feeling guilty and start thinking, if we could earn by watching movies, if it’s your thought then my friend, it’s possible. Here is the guideline to make money $50/day by watching movies.

You might be excited now and thinking about how you can also make money by watching movies. For feeding your excitement, here are six possible ways to earn $50 by watching movies. So, let’s get started. Shall we?

6 ways to earn money $50/Day by watching movies

Here are the ways you can follow to earn by watching movies and videos. We will separate these six ways in two different ways. By following these two categories, you can make money online and offline as well. So, let’s get started!

Category No-1: Ways to Earn Money Online


Maybe you have already heard the name as it’s a famous paid platform that helps people earn for watching movie clips, celebrity interviews, and all sorts of videos related to the film industry.

While watching movies, you can do this. Just watch any video you want or play the video, mute the sound on another device, and enjoy watching a movie on TV/laptop.

It’s a great way to earn $50/day while watching movies by sitting at home.

Inbox Dollars and Quick Rewards

Just like Swagbucks, you should also join Inbox Dollars and Quick rewards; these are great platforms for watching videos and earning through them.

We recommend you join all three platforms (Inbox Dollars, Quick Rewards, and Swagbucks) to earn as much as you possibly can.


This is a real thing; you can work for Netflix and earn up to 1200$ a month or $40 a day. How?

Sometimes, Netflix hires people for a ‘movie tagger’ position. In this job, you have to tag movies with keywords (possibly one or more keywords), and it’ll help others find the movie by searching for keywords.

For example, you give a movie an ‘action-thriller’ tag, which will help a Netflix subscriber looking for an action-thriller movie. Isn’t it fun?

Subtitle writer

This is a very lucrative job, even for building a career as well. For films, tv-series and nowadays YouTube videos, every content creator provide subtitle with video. It increases clarity. That’s why the transcript writing jobs are vastly available and pays well too.

Even if you can translate the transcript into other languages,, you will do more than you want!

A Movie Reviewer

Do you love to watch movies and research about movies and celebrities’ life? However, if you are serious and wants to work with dedication and have an excellent presentation or writing skill, it can help you establish a new career.

You can start with creating a blog or a YouTube channel, and that’s where you can start reviewing, and if everything goes well, then very soon, you’ll be able to earn a lot more than $50 for monetizing, affiliating, sponsoring, and so on!

Or if you want to play safe, you can look for a job as a film journalist or a film critic.

Category No-2: Working on-field or offline

Certified Field Associate (CFA)

Do you like to watch a movie in the theater? If you like it, then Marketforce Information is willing to pay you $30-50 to watch a movie and describe your experience over there. For that, you have to join them as a certified field associate (CFA).

Once you become a CFA, the company will pay for the ticket and your report as well. While working there, you may have to perform all these tasks-

  • Theater lobby check
  • Movie mystery shopping
  • Blind checks
  • Open checks once you submit the authorization letter.

And so on!

This is a great way to earn $50/day by watching movies.


Here is how you can earn money $50/Day by watching movie for those who feel guilty for not earning while watching movies.

We hope our article was helpful to you. Don’t forget to follow these ways to earn while watching movies.

In the end, keep in your mind that making money while watching movies will not make you rich. This is only a way to earn some bucks while enjoying a movie. ?