How I earn $10k-15k Per Month By Simple Works

Once I used to earn money $3-$5k, but then I realized it’s not enough for me; I need more money.

Hence I did one of The Following three works at the starting point, and now my monthly income is 10k-15k dollars.

There are lots of ways that you can earn $10k-15k per month by simple works.

One suggestion may not suit everyone, and so I researched and found out two more effective ways to make such huge money every month.

Three options will be helpful to help all of you in making a final destination of taking one road for your career journey.

If you are staying at home without any clue from where to start, this article will guide you.

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How I earn $10k-15k Per Month By Simple Works

Although the three ways I am going to talk about today are all online jobs. Therefore you can continue working from anywhere you want.

The two things always needed are a good smartphone and internet connection.

I, too, was looking for the perfect online job and found out these are the best ways to make money in a little period of time.

I will explain all of them, but I’ll start with the easiest jobs to do.

Let us then check those three effective online-based jobs to make 10-15k dollars per month.

Content Writing

The first choice for me to make this much money is content writing.

My first way of making money was this, and it really brought me much money within a very short amount of time.

I really didn’t have any experience when I started online writing.

I just was confident and continued writing, learning, gaining more knowledge about it.

Sooner I became famous and got so many clients who wanted to work with me. You can join at first a popular site called Fiverr. Every million people are making income through it.

Commission Hero

This place works as a money generator.

Freelance writing is the easiest job among all the other freelance works to earn $10k-15k per month by simple works.

On this platform, you will be able to make 5 dollars for each service you give at the beginning.

But when you have gained more experience of working with many clients, you can attract more than one client and hire another beginner writer to make even more money.

Pro writers make 100k dollars every month by working themselves and at the same time hiring new writers.

A pro writer can charge $100 for one article only.

Now you can understand when you become a pro and get one project. You can’t even imagine how much money you can make.

Later, when you reach good popularity, you can write on your own Websites too as a blogger.

The best part is when your website will get a lot of engagement, you can hire writers for your website too. Thus you don’t get to work yet make a lot of money.

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Affiliate Marketing

Another best online way to make money in a very less amount of time is doing affiliate marketing.

But before you think about becoming an affiliate marketer, be sure to have your own website or page with so many followers.

Because it’s like advertisements, that’s why you will see Instagram or Facebook influencers are promoting products and leaving a link on their posts.

That is affiliate marketing. When you go to the link shared by an influencer and make a purchase, that influencer gets a percentage of the commission of the product.

For this, you need to put great effort at the beginning to make a huge number of followers on your Instagram or Facebook account.

Around 5k followers will be fine to start affiliate marketing.

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If you have an existing website with a good number of followers, you can use that too.

While visiting websites, including mine, you will see some advertisements and links that take you to other websites where you can purchase services or products.

This is another way of making extras income, and I am satisfied thinking how quickly this helps to make extra cash and make my bank account filled quickly.

Many of you may be thinking about how you can get those many followers or how you can start this?

If this is your case, get relaxed because you will find plenty of videos and articles to learn how to become an influencer step by step.

But wait, you don’t have to go anywhere because my next to the last topic is making money by becoming an Influencer.

I will share some important things related to it there. Let’s then jump on to the last money-making way.

How To Build A Drop Shipping Business From Scratch

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Become Influencer

Well, an influencer generally makes money by doing affiliate marketing on his/her page or account.

I told you that I would share some important things that will help you grow followers on your account.

The first thing you should do to grow followers is posting daily at least once to earn $10k-15k per month by simple works.

This way, people get noticed more, and Instagram itself gives more views to your account.

Try to upload cool videos or interesting live videos because people enjoy videos more than pictures.

Always give quality hashtags on your post, and if you have no idea what quality hashtags are, study and try to know.

Another fast way to get followers is collaborating with others.

If you collaborate with other influencers who already have so many people following them, it will help you get noticed by their followers, and thus your fan list grows.

I think this way is more effective because I grew my followers in some days by collaborating with other famous personalities.

Post when you are leading the best of your lives, like when you go on a trip, tour.

People love to follow those who keep enjoying their lives and visits many places.

If you have any special talent like creating stories or photography, you can increase followers.

inbox pays

Lastly, when you successfully made more than 5k fans engage them by replying to their comments.

When they get a reply from you, they get inspired to comment more on your daily posts and reach more people.

Or, if you don’t want to do any of it, use Facebook because you can easily boost your page by paying promoters money.

They will sponsor your page and make more people like it. It’s kind of like investing before you make money.

I already told you how influencers make money.

It’s their famously that helps them getting brands and companies offers.

Their account automatically becomes a money generator machine if it’s properly used and managed.

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Final Thoughts

Online is always the best place for making as much money as you can. I, too, believed in it and continued building my career in this field.

Now my monthly income is always between $10k-$15k.

I don’t have to put efforts like before anymore because I have gained more than expected followers on my website.

I now earn $10k-15k per month by simple works which is doing blogging and affiliate marketing.

Forget about all the money-related problems because you now have the solutions and need to take steps.

I am cheering for you, start any of the works above, and be sure of getting successful by working daily.

If you want to know some other online earning ways, I wrote more about making money online. You can check them out too.