Get Paid $5000 Working As a Data Entry Clerk

Do you know you can earn a good amount of money by doing data entry jobs?

This is a popular job for the beginner nowadays. Within a few moments, you can earn some extra money by becoming Data Entry Clerk.

Also, it is possible to make data entry as your primary job.

If you make data entry as your primary job and works full time, you can earn even $5000 in a month.

Hang in there.

Before going to earn, you need a lot of things to know.

But don’t worry.

You don’t need any hard skills for doing a data entry job. Just some information you should know before jumping on it.

If you don’t get the full information about data entry, you could be fallen into various troubles.

Also, there are so many scams and false information about data entry. You need to be careful not to fall into any lies.

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In this article, we will share everything about data entry related information that we know.

It will be more than enough for you, and also you will know all of the authentic information.

Read this full article to get some authentic sites where you can find data entry jobs easily.

What Are Data Entry Jobs?

Filling, verifying, editing electronic data is known as data entry.

There are so many companies who hire workers for doing those works as data entry manager or data entry clerk.

There are some variations in data entry. Sometimes you need to transform some raw files to the database, audio to text, PDF to Excel or Word and etc.

There are available ways to do data entry as remote work. You can sit anywhere and do your work without going to any office.

On the online, there are so many companies who hire workers for doing their data entry project.

For introverts, this is the best job we can prefer to begin with.

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Get Paid $5000 Working As A Data Entry Clerk

Yes, you can earn $5000 by doing data entry jobs. It can be achieved in a month or more than a month. It depends on your skill and experience.

To start a data entry job, you don’t need much skill and experience.

But when you are going to earn $5000 in a month or around this time, you need a huge amount of skill and experience.

Also, you need a well-known company that will pay you this amount of money.

You can also earn this money by freelancing also.

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When your hourly rate is more than $20, you can earn that money in a month by doing 10 hours a day. Also, you need skills to ask that rate.

But if you are a beginner, you can continue reading to know more about how you can start earning as a data entry clerk.

Also, if you want to know where you can find data entry jobs, you can continue.

There are no specialized requirements for doing data entry jobs. But you must have these common things.

Experience Requirements

Basically, you don’t need any experience with data entry, to begin with.

There are no companies that require worker’s years of experience for doing their data entry works.

Rather, they will test your ability by any evaluation. Most of the companies hire the beginner to do their assignments.

Skills Requirements

Actually, there are no requirements for any specialized skills at all.

Common skills like typing with good speed and accuracy are enough. Also, you need just some basic skills about your computer and the internet.

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And computer skills like basic on Microsoft Word and Excel, Google doc and spreadsheet, and word processor.

Good communication is also needed for understanding the client’s works details. This is another skill you need for data entry.

And you need to be patient while doing this job.

Those are the common skills that most people have.

Tools Requirements

You must need a high-speed computer and a high-speed internet connection to do this job. Also, you need a good keyboard with a number pad, and a headset too.

A cloud storage service can help you a lot by saving your work files. So, you should have one. Google Drive can help you with that.

Those were the simple requirements for doing data entry jobs. Now let me aware of some scams and false information.

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Scams And False Info About Data Entry Jobs

Data entry is an easy and popular job for entry-level because of its simple requirements.

But there are so many scams on the internet that spreads false info about data entry.

Some may ask you a huge amount of money to teach you data entry by telling you it is a very tough job with strong requirements.

Again, some will tell you, you can earn a lot of money by doing data entry and can be rich by doing this. That is completely false.

Yes, you can earn a good amount of money, but can’t be rich by doing only data entry.

Even earning a good amount of money by doing data entry is a lot harder.

You will need to work more than 12 hours a day. In that case, you can earn near $5000, but still, it will not make you rich.

Don’t submit your work without getting payments. There are so many frauds that will not pay you after getting the works.

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How Much Can You Earn By Doing A Data Entry Job?

It’s true that you don’t need much skill to start a data entry job, but you will be paid a low amount of money in the beginning.

On average rate, you will get $12-$13 on the hourly rate. You can make it above $15.

But if you can speed you up and work for a big company, you can earn $5000, though you have to work for a long time in a day.

Data Entry Companies

There are some data entry companies that you can rely on for earning some extra cash online.

These companies are always open for people to join them, as they have ample work. Let’s see about them more:


This is one of the best companies that hire data entry clerks. Also, they hire translators, writers, researchers and etc. for their client’s projects.

To get hired by this company, you need to sign up there first.

After signing up, you have to demonstrate your abilities by doing some assessments. That’s how they will test your ability.

After that, you need to wait to get hired while doing assessments. When they have any data entry job, they will hire you to do that.

You can work anytime you want with your schedule. Also, you can work anywhere that is suitable for you.

The payment will be increased based on your performance. And you will be paid via PayPal every week or month.

Axion Data Entry Services

Axion data entry services also hire data entry clerks or data entry operators.

They have no schedule to work. You can work anytime, anywhere you want. Even you can work from your home as an independent worker.

This company always has data entry jobs available. You can always get data entry related jobs at this company.

For applying for any data entry job on Axion data entry services, you must sign in first to become a member of them.

But they have requirements; you need at least two years of experience and 50 WPM typing speed.

Working with them will increase your ability to work. You will be paid per project or piece.

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Smart Crowd (Virtual Bee)

Smart Crowd was formerly known as a virtual bee. This company is the part of Lionbridge, which is another reputed company for finding jobs.

This company has a lot of data entry jobs. Also, they provide other micro-tasking jobs.

The best thing is every job you can do from anywhere you want. They just need their work to be done.

Well, your earning will depend on what you do and your performances. Good performance will increase your paying faster.

They have some categories in their data entry jobs. You have to complete your works by following those categories. The categories are:

  • Dates: You need to fill in the dates
  • Characters: You need to fill in the characters
  • Alphanumeric: You need to fill in the numbers
  • Dollar Sign: You need to fill the dollar sign with the amount

But, in this company, you don’t need any experience to start working.

You can apply for the job at the entry-level. Your pay will depend on how fast you type and accurate.

DionData Solutions

DionData Solutions is also a data entry company that is popular.

They hire professional data entry clerks to handle their jobs. They have available data entry jobs in their hand always.

Also, they love to work with freelance and independent data entry clerks.

To work with them, you must have a high-speed typing speed. At least 60 WPM is their requirement.

You have to be self-disciplined and doing your works properly in time. You must have the ability to do multiple projects together.

If you think you are now experienced and you have high skill in data entry, you can work with DionData Solutions Company to earn a good amount of money.

Working Solutions

Working Solutions is another company like DionData.

This company also hires data entry clerks who are able to work from home. But you must have the ability to work with multiple projects at a time.

To work with them, you need to fill up an application. Then you have to pass a test in order to be accepted by the company.

After that, your working session will be started. You can earn thousand dollars easily in a month.

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Are you a data entry freelancer? And you are from the U.S?

Then SigTrack will be the trusted company to give you data entry jobs.

You will do data entry, which is related to the U.S election. Most of the data entry jobs grassroots campaign is elections.

They have some legal requirements to work with them. You must fulfill the requirements.

You can’t access any voter’s data, and you need proof of U.S residency. The outsider of the U.S will not be able to do this job.

Also, you need a computer that has at least Windows 7 pro, 8.1+, or Mac OS, which is 10.11+.

You need two monitors and at least 20Mbps internet speed.

You will be paid 25% more than usual payment there. All the payments will be received via PayPal.

Final Words

This is all about how you can earn by doing data entry jobs.

Payment always depends on your skill and experience. You can get paid $5000 or even more when you will be a professional data entry clerk.

But as a beginner, you have to work at a low rate, and also, you must step away from the scams and false information.

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