Commission Hero Review- Is it The Worth The Investment

If you have been comparing the most popular affiliated marketing programs of the era, then the Commission hero is a good one to have a look at.

As an affiliate marketer learning from this program, I’d say you are in the right place. When it was my time to find a suitable course, and I was scratching my head with frustrations, I found out about Robby Blanchard, the creator of Commission hero.

And once I dug deep into his success stories, I was awestruck. I went like, “I want to earn like this dude, and give up on my current struggling carrier now!” And as I said, so I did, I signed up for the course putting all my faith in this genius veteran marketer, and today I can proudly say I’m not disappointed.

Yes, if you are thinking about the expenses, I thought about it too. But then I asked myself, would I rely on the cheaper programs that do all the stuff for me, and I only get to follow their steps blindly, or is it better to create my campaign under a successful entrepreneur. And you know which one I chose.

So, let’s see if the investment is worthwhile for you as well.

Commission Hero Overview

Among the dreadful online courses on affiliate marketing, it’s quite hard to find one that serves the purpose. And after researching many affiliate marketing programs, I finally ended up with Robby Blanchard Commission Hero. And boy! I was pleased!

Don’t think I’m bluffing because I took this course, and I know it inside out. So, what is this program about? Commission Hero is an affiliate marketing course created by Robby Blanchard.

So, he is a top Clickbank affiliate, and guess what? He makes over $5000 a day on average. I know it sounds unbelievable but trusts me, it’s genuine! How’s he doing? Well, most of it is only through Facebook advertisements and channels.

And in Robby Blanchard course, he’ll be giving us his secrets! This course teaches you the manufacturing of smaller websites to even more advanced products only through Facebook ads that we regularly see a thousand times on our Facebook pages. Sounds easy. It’s a bit more laborious that it sounds like, but with dedication, you’ll see success in no time!

So, as I told you, it’s time we learn a little more about the genius behind it.

Who Is Robby Blanchard?

You already know that he is the creator of the Commission hero program. But do you know that he is the no.1 affiliate marketer on Clickbank? Well, don’t be surprised, there’s a lot more you need to know.

Robby Blanchard began selling digital products in 2015 before he made his mind to enter the affiliate marketing industry. Thank goodness he did that!

Soon after the venture, he started receiving multiple awards and a high reputation in the industry. So, what made him being titled the top Affiliate marketer? Well, not many people can make $50,000 a day in this industry. And hence, his idea of starting this program seemed like an opportunity for many of us.

And as people expected, following his footsteps, hundreds have succeeded as affiliate marketers. Now, his technique is to bring forth his students the mistakes he would make and the ways to correct them. This effective technique has brought fortune to many. But how do we do it? Let’s see.

What is Commission Hero

The Commission is one of the most talked and popular “online money-making” courses that equip learners or interested people to make money in the affiliate marketing industry. This course is created by the veteran marketer Robby Blanchard who has already made millions through Clickbank promoting different products. So, as he explains his secrets, learners will be taught how to promote Clickbank products only by running simple Facebook ads that will earn them an excellent $1000 or more per day.

The exciting part is Robby claims it to be a straightforward 3-step system to advertise digital products on Facebook and earn massive commissions from them. But here’s the catch, how are you going to get these big commissions?

  • This is where you need to put your money on lucrative affiliate programs that offer 50% or higher commissions. It is the first secret to being a successful affiliate marketer, as Robby claims.

So, what are the next two?

  • How to effectively use Facebook to run ads for the respective products and ultimately earn the profit
  •  by understanding people’s psychology and persuading them to buy those offers and products.

Well, it might seem like this straightforward procedure, but even one mistake can cause you a total failure. And the worst part is you won’t even know your error!

Hence, Robby offers a comprehensive study module for the learners to categorize into two significant learning aspects.

The first aspect is the video training method Robby follows to guide learners like us to understand the affiliate marketing business and make it work. Robby will walk you through some significant steps. If you have some experience in this industry, these steps won’t be like understanding Quantum mechanics.

In the second aspect, this is more like a whole community to offer support if you get stuck anywhere at all. All the learners, along with the mastermind, Robby Blanchard, can remain connected within the Commission hero affiliate page on Facebook created by Robby. A group of experts and professionals to handle any problem you face on your way to your target sounds like some excellent support.

Now, it’s time we dig to the core of the study modules of the Commission hero. Excited? Trust me; you won’t be disappointed!

What Is Inside the Course?

Now that you know that the Commission hero is a good deal,  I’ll give you the inside information on what you will learn from it. Although don’t expect that I’ll tell you all the top-secret tactics because then I might have to make the payment. But here’s a summary that’ll help you know what you are investing 

Getting Started

There are nine divisions in the whole course, the first being the introduction phase. Here, Robby will explain what affiliate marketing is, give insight into the ad accounts, tell you about the best affiliate networks, including Clickbank, and tell you how to create landing pages by utilizing Click funnels.

Choosing the Right Offers

I’m sure, having somewhat an experience in the affiliate marketing industry, you know about the top affiliate networks, including Clickbank, MaxWeb, and A4D. Robby will walk you through the process of finding the right offers in these networks. That’s not it! He will also bring forward to you a few spotlights offers or mainly offers that sell well.

Finding Your Ad Image

The Ad image is nonetheless one of the most crucial elements in the case of getting a high click-through rate (CTR).  Robby will explain to you how your Ad image should be and what it should contain. Now, it’s okay if you cannot produce your pictures by yourself because Robby, the savior, is here to tell you how you can outsource them from the best designers. In the end, he also recommends good designers who will help you in this phase.

Setting up A Landing Page

So you are done with your Ad image. The next important thing is to set up a landing page. Robby offers templates for Click funnels or PHP landing pages. And of course, he will explain how you can buy a domain name and set up your unique affiliate link and PHP landing page.

Setting up Facebook

As our advertising platform is Facebook, it is crucial to understand how this works. Don’t worry because Robby will take a walk you to the finish line in a few steps.

He will explain to –

  • Set up your Facebook Business manager
  • Set up your very own Fan page and what actions it needs to work our
  • Set up your Facebook campaign and Asset
  • Set up the actual ads
  • Create a custom campaign to bring all the pieces together 

And finally, a bonus – an inside look at a successful campaign 

Setting up Facebook Pixel

Here, you will learn to install Facebook Pixel and place it in your Clickbank account. And without a proper understanding of your Pixel analytics, you won’t be able to proceed with the procedure, so that you will learn it as well.

Tracking Your Campaign

We are all down with the setup by far. And at this point, you will learn to set up your tracking spreadsheet and install tracking links to check your conversions.


With all the campaigns ready for action, it’s time to scale them up!

Ninja Tactics

With all the necessary stuff done, it’s time for the real show of secrets. Here, Robby will reveal secrets of how you can reach out to other affiliates, spy on Facebook ads, and overcome problems like account shutdown. These tactics will distinguish you from the typical affiliate marketers who are struggling for light in their careers.

Commission Hero Bonuses!

Wait up, people, there’s more! You will get to know the million-dollar landing pages, ad swipes, and images right here. Robby will also give you some practical advice on how you should have a healthy mindset to keep on working on the right track.

Well, that’s the primary program we have here, but if you think you have more to learn and have a few more bucks in your pockets, then Robby will help you out with his private coaching sessions. Yes, the Commission hero inner circle coaching will cost you extra, but direct coaching from the star himself doesn’t seem like a bad deal!

Does the Commission Hero System Work?

Till now, from everything we have learned about the Commission hero program, it sounds sweet and straightforward. But the deal-making question is, ‘ does it work? Don’t get distracted from this Robby Blanchard Commission hero review to know that.

First of all, you cannot view the program as a scam because you got to admit the Commission hero program’s users’ achievements seem quite legit and accomplishing. So, if you ask me the above question, I’ll answer in the affirmative. The commission hero truly works.

But there’s one thing you need to keep in mind. It is not an overnight money-making solution. So you have got to remain committed no matter what the situations seem like. And of course, you must follow all the steps precisely as instructed by Robby Blanchard affiliate. Even making the slightest alterations or skipping the seemingly silliest steps will cost you the success you have been dreaming of. Hence, before you make up your mind to enroll in the course, you must plan well.

Of course, explaining the strategies and the process is one thing but working them out, in reality, is not a piece of cake. And you need to keep your senses open and probably spend a fair amount to get on track.

However, there’s a catch; even this mind-boggling method might not work for everybody in the same way. We’ll get onto that later. But before that, let’s see how Robby will help us make money with his Commission hero. Come on!

How Can You Make Money with Commission Hero?

It is a traffic affiliate marketing program; you cannot expect it to be an excellent method that will bring riches to your door overnight. It isn’t a system to earn money directly. Instead, it’s a training course that teaches you to make through system affiliate step-by-step –

  • Finding other peoples products to promote
  • Techniques to promote them
  • Converting leads into big sales 
  • Earning commissions from the attained sales

You can start your affiliate marketing in two ways, either with free or paid traffic. In the case of Commission hero, you will know how to succeed in the industry with paid traffic through using Facebook ads. Now you must wonder why paid traffic? Well, we are not dumb to understand that investments work best in every case.

At first, it might seem like an expensive procedure, but as your sales reach sky-high, you’ll realize you didn’t make the wrong choice, as what happened to me. At first, I was worried about all the investments that making and if I’ll profit from them, but as I kept following the footsteps of Robby Blanchard, the practical training guides, best offer to pick methods, creating attractive landing pages, soon the big profits came out of the bags, and they don’t stop!

So Who Is the Commission Hero for?

Let’s be clear on this part. Yes, there are no requirements for enrolling in this course, but there’s something to keep in mind.

The program is based on paid traffic affiliate marketing, so you cannot expect to earn profits from day 1. Many people have gotten a misfortune of a fair amount on the first days as an affiliate.

Now, the reality is not everyone can digest that much of cost or cash gambling as they might say.  We all know people who aren’t ready to acquire the losses, and if the plan doesn’t work from day 1, they give up. If you are one of them, then I’d say you should keep out of this program. Dedication and patience is your only key to reaching the success point.

There’s another thing you need to get in your minds. One of the cons of publicizing such partner offers comes with the risk of losing your Facebook promoting account. And this isn’t a rare case; I’m not here to fool around. It is a common cause many people face when they start using their Facebook promotion platform.

But the good news is, you need not worry about handling these issues either. Robby gives you detailed information on all of such problems you might face and how to recoup on the chance that it occurs to you. But even if it does, it isn’t the end of the world; you can always carry on with a fresh start.

Can Commission Hero Work for Me?

No doubt, buddy! It is a simple program for any interested affiliates. And it’s not that hard to follow either; all you need to do is go through the training thoroughly, understand and point out all of Robby’s secrets, and put them into the act! Voila! You are on your way to making $1000 or more a day!

Should I Buy the Commission Hero Course?

As I’ve seen from Commission hero reviews or as I’ll put forth you some of the customer Commission Hero honest reviews, you will see all the happy learners who have reviewed the program positively. It’s not only my personal opinion, but the hundreds of affiliates out there and successful stories assure you that investing in this course wouldn’t be a loss project.

Commission Hero Pricing and Payments

Once you have made up your mind on the Commission hero program’s purchase, you will find two payment options. An individual can pay once in a more considerable amount or pay in 2 smaller installments.

For the one-time payment, you will have to pay a total of $997. And for installments, you will need to pay $597 each time. The interval time between the two installments is 30 days.

Now, if you choose the latter, you will have to give an extra $197. Now, it’s up to you if you want to sign up for the one-time payment and avoid the additional charges or see if the other option is more suitable for you.

Commission Hero Pros and Cons


  • If we look at the whole program, the main attraction would be the guru Robby Blanchard. He’s the main deal, and along with his entire community-based learning system, you’ll always have the best affiliate marketing minds to support you.
  • It cannot be a scam, and it’s not even just a theory. It has proven results, and the chances are it will work for you as well.
  • The programs come with a one-time payment for enrolling in the whole course. Hence, there’s no chance of gimmicky sale tactics or insane high-ticket upsells.
  • The best part of the program is that it’s not some self-promoting sales funnel. After the course, you will create your campaign in any niche suitable for you. This one is a good alternative for all the typical systems that only teach you the promotion of the same one network, and it goes on.
  • Training methods on the program seem quite useful, and hence there are greater possibilities of success.


  • As a paid traffic affiliate marketing program, it requires some reasonable cash deduction from your credit cards when it comes to the investment.
  • It follows a risky strategy.
  • Commission hero refund policy is a long 12 months process, which I feel is not the most effective when trying to get users’ confidence.
  • It uses only one platform without any list-building or email marketing training.

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Commission Hero vs. Super Affiliate System

We all know the Super affiliate system that is making quite the buzz in the industry. This six weeks program led by John Crestani costs the same as Robbys Commission hero.

If we compare the two, Johns’s program gives an in-depth knowledge of the whole affiliate marketing process and uses a lot of different platforms to make things work.

Commission Hero vs. Savage Affiliates

The Savage affiliates is another Commission hero alternative program led by Franklin Hatchett.

Savage affiliates bring forward several driving methods in the traffics, unlike Commission heroes, where they only utilize Facebook.

The program’s pricing is also set at an affordable rate of $197, which is almost 1/5th of that of Robby’s program. Even in the refund policy case, Savage affiliates offer 30 days of action rather than the Commission hero’s 12 months-long processes.

But the one thing in which the Commission hero seems like a winner against both the rivals is that they focus on a single platform that requires less time and an easy understanding of the strategies.

Is Commission Hero Legit or A Scam?

Yes, I must admit that although it’s a legit program, it still has some drawbacks and needs improvisation. But the success rates of the real customers cannot be overlooked either. And once you sign up for the Commission hero affiliate program, you get complete access to it. So, there’s no way of considering the Commission hero a scam.

Hence, we can give you the surety of the Commission Hero legit program.

Commission Hero Real User Reviews

Commission hero Facebook community is flooding with success stories. Let me share a few with you.

As Chad says, “$700 profit in one day! That’s more than my 9-5 job!”

Well, that’s more than anyone’s 9-5 job, Chad!

And Noel says, “I’m on my way to a $6000 week!”

That’s a significant number, Noel!

Commission Hero Reviews- Our Verdict

From all the convincing reviews and in-depth information on what’s going on with the Commission hero program, there’s no doubt why there’s such hype about it. Indeed, it’s a quality affiliate marketing course that you can invest in if you are willing to strike your carrier as an affiliate marketer.

Yes, you still might have second thoughts regarding the Commission hero cost, but the results are worth your money. It doesn’t matter if you are a newbie or experienced in this field; your income will reach higher levels in no time. This 3-step program seems quite clear and useful to me than most other online-money-making systems.

With your dedication to the industry, I would say it’s a worthwhile investment. Please give it a go!

The FAQs The Commission Hero

Is Wealthy Affiliate Legit?

Yes it is legit and it has a more community based approach where you give and receive help.

Is ClickBank any good?

It has been 17 years since ClickBank is in business. And till now it has gotten the trust of more than 200 million customers, it has to be good!

How do you make money from ClickBank?

You can earn quick and easy money from Clickbank through promoting its optimized pages or products as an affiliate

What is ClickBank used for?

ClickBank is an affiliate network for different digital products acting as the bridge between affiliates and vendors.