Cloud Accounting Software: 5 Best Solutions for Freelancers

It is now the old fashion to maintain account books. It is for any financial activities for your business. Now, Companies prefer to use cloud accounting software solutions for their financial activities. They use it on their own. Or, They prefer to hire an accountant or bookkeeper as a freelancer.

There are many cloud accounting software in the market. Employers in freelancing sites have a demand to work with certain cloud accounting software and its solutions.

As a new accountant, bookkeeper or a freelancer. If, You want to build your career. But,  you do not know. What cloud accounting software will be best suited for you?

Don’t worry at all. Because This writing is for you. 

Cloud Accounting Software: 5 Best Accounting software Solutions for Freelancers

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Here I Will Tell You About the Best 5 Cloud Accounting Software Solutions

Let you ensure that has client’s demand in the freelancing market.

So, Let’s start…

1. QuickBooks Accounting Software 

QuickBooks become a preferred cloud accounting software solution for clients. It has a hassle-free service.

It has efficient functionality. Also, It is suitable for medium-sized to small businesses. 

More than that, It provides services with instructions.

Then, How to create charts of accounts? More, Customer invoices, set up reminders, track sales, and sales tax. 

Also, You can manage bills and payroll, track miles, time, inventory, and run reports. 

Additionally, You will be able to connect with your bank accounts and credit cards. 

So, Clients from top-rated freelancing sites hire accountants as a freelancer. Who are efficient with QuickBooks?

Interesting thing is that QuickBooks has also gained popularity among freelance accountants.

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Now comes the question. How? 

Let’s Figure Out the Points for Your Clear Understanding. 
  • An accountant can sign up for QuickBooks and it’s free.
  • You can maintain and manage many businesses from one place. You do not need to open many accounts.
  • It hassle-free
  • You can use it from anywhere and anytime. Because It has an app version. More, You will find them in apple stores and play Stores.
  • QuickBooks also offers training to accountants. You will find tutorials. How to excess all its features? So, You can practice it at any time and for free. 
  • An accountant can take QuickBooks pro-advisor exam and gain the certificate. So, You can flaunt those certificates on your freelancing site. It will help you to gain clients on freelancing sites. 
  • You can send requests to your clients. What files do you need on time?
  • There are many apps. QuickBooks integrates with all such as, Hubspot, Salesforce, DocuSign, and others. 

In Summary, This cloud accounting software makes an accountant’s job very easy. You need to convince your clients to use it. For example, if your client uses Then, It will sync with invoices, book balance, customers, and vendors. This functionality allows you to create payment schedules, set reminders, automate approvals, and so more.

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2. Xero

In freelancing sites, Xero achieves a good demandable spot. I have found. Clients also want freelancer accountants. Who has expertise in Xero software? 

While using this cloud accounting software solutions. A client enjoys its features. Such as tracking invoices with intuitive invoicing software, and tracking and paying bills. 

More, clients enjoy accepting payments, tracking projects, and managing inventory and fixed assets. 

Also, With Xero. Reconciliation bank accounting easy way for claiming expenses, running payrolls, and VAT returns. More, You can manage clients’ contracts. Maintain businesses that sell products in different currencies and many more. So, as a cloud accounting software, Xero already creates demand for all.

The interesting part for accountants and bookkeepers. Also, It offers a partnership relationship with Xero. So, by Becoming a partner. You can collaborate with your clients. More, You can manage and maintain your practice from anywhere. This is one of the best advantages for Xero.

So, As a freelance accountant or a bookkeeper. You can invest in Xero. Because it is in demand in the freelancing marketplace.

3. Oracle NetSuite 

You can think about owners. who want a complete system for their businesses. Then, Oracle NetSuite is perfect for them. 

It’s a complete package of accounting software. Because It offers a complete integration. It covers ERP, CRM, e-commerce, inventory, and others. Also, It is suitable for medium businesses and enterprises. 

So, Those owners. Which have converted into small to medium businesses. They are choosing Oracle NetSuite.

With the recent trends. In the freelancing sites, Clients have a huge demand to hire accountants. Who knows Oracle NetSuite? It is a great learning investment for those Freelance accountants. Who wants to work with medium businesses and enterprises in the future.

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4. Freshbooks Accounting Software

According to the Freshbooks website. 95% small business owners. They find it a well-organized user interface. They want invoicing tools, templates, and good security. A client wants it all in a single umbrella. 

There is nothing issue. Freshbooks can solve everything and is very user-friendly.

Also, Freelancing websites like Upwork and Fiverr. They have job proposals about Freshbooks accounting software.

So, You can invest in it and become skilled in this accounting software. As a newbie in freelancer accountants. You can also attract clients easily to do the job.

I have it already identified. Accounting professionals love Freshbooks. Because of its handfuls of benefits 

Such As:
  • If you want to make proposals and add estimates. For being able to update your client’s invoicing and billing. Then, it is the perfect software for you. This functionality enables you. To customize your proposals and estimates to simplify the job.
  • Although, You do not have to create charts of accounts on your own. Because It has default charts of accounts. So, You can cut down it to your preferences.
  • You may notice. Many accounting software companies have integrated. With various apps to increase the efficiency of their products. Freshbooks accounting software is not different. Integration with so many apps. It likes Squarespace and dropbox. Also, Hubspot, Gsuite Gusto, and many more. It makes your work more accurate and safe.
  • Features like time tracking and checkout. Its links provide to you. Anytime you can track the time of payroll for the specific project. You can receive payments on behalf of your clients. Hence, you can save time. Also, You can spend it on advice and guide your clients.

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  • If you want your clients also understand financial events. What is happening in the business? Then, you can suggest to you clients to try it.
  • It offers a free trial for 30 days. Most accounting software builds to help accountants. It is also helpfhelpfululs for CPAs, bookkeepers, and tax professionals. So, Freshbooks accounting software is ready to provide services to small business owners.
  • It’s easy to use interface. It enables especially, those who are not so knowledgeable in the accounting field.
  • Since Freshbooks accounting software uses an easy interface. So, You do not have to be there all the time to guide your clients. Your clients can efficiently maintain their accounts. So, You can play an advisor and create a meaningful relationship with your clients.
  • Freshbooks also allows accountants. To grow more efficiently. When you sign up for Freshbooks. You become Freshbooks accounting partner. This status gives you special benefits.

5. Wave

You know, Small businesses are choosing cloud accounting software. Because it has an easy invoicing interface. Such as customizable and scheduling invoices. 

The cloud-based accounting software solutions. Wave is also user-friendly for accountants or bookkeepers. Because wave enables accountants or bookkeepers to use double-entry accounting.

There are other features. Like tracking expenses and contracting management. Auto bill reminders payroll, and taxes. Inventory management, customizable charts, and others.

For a freelancer. Nothing is confusing. So, As a freelancer. Or as a new accountant or bookkeeper. So, You can invest in these cloud accounting software.

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Question: Why Cloud Accounting Software Is More Demandable for a Freelancer?

Answer: In freelancing sites. There is a huge demand for freelance accountants or bookkeepers. Because It cost less for an employer to hire a freelance accountant or bookkeeper. So, Freelancing sites make it easier to hire one. That’s why, As a freelancer. You need to learn about cloud accounting software. Because the demand trends are going high day by day.

Question: What Are the Basic Functions of Cloud Accounting Software for Small Entrepreneurs?

Answer: Nowadays, There are a lot of reasons. To use cloud accounting software for your business. If I consider the basic functions. Then, I would say. It is almost hassle-free for different kinds of work at a single time. The user-friendly interface among different tasks is one of those. More, Bellow tasks, you can complete easily from anywhere.

  • Any kind of Invoicing.
  • You can synchronize your Bank account and credit card easily.
  • Payable accounts
  • Receivable accounts
  • Easy Online interface between clients & host
  • Hassle-free collection and secure data interface
  • Daily, weekly, and Monthy statements of business transactions.
  • Business Profit & loss
  • Cash flow, Tax, Balance sheets, etc 

Like, there are more functions. Anyone can compete by using cloud accounting software.

Final Word: 

I have crossed checked a lot of cloud accounting software solutions processes. With considering which are the most demandable for a freelancer. Also, I Compare. Some specialized features for small businesses. like a cost-effective, reputation, security, client data, Less risk, etc.

Finally, I have selected the best five cloud accounting software solutions for this article. 

I am ensuring you, that the above 5 cloud accounting software is the best for every aspect. If you consider the collaboration of business clients, employees, and all owners. Then, Those cloud accounting software solutions can be able to review and access all kinds of finances at a single time.

So, As a self-employed accountant or as a freelancer, you can invest your time. Undoubtedly, You become more demandable in freelancing markets in the future.

Thank You

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