ClickEarners Review- Is ClickEarners a Legit Online Job Platform?

Who does not want to make money? Especially from the comfort of their home. That is what Clickearners provides you. It is a Clickbank product, which means that you will have to pay for its services.

People would say it’s a scam because you will have to pay them to find a job. But it is legit. It takes you to legit sites directly so that you could find an actual paying job. But how much you get paid depends on your work.

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You need to pay for a job, but it does not mean that Clickearners doesn’t give you any work or so; it is just not ideal to ask someone to pay for a job. Read our full Clickearners review to understand it better.

What is ClickEarners?

If you visit their website, you’ll see that they offer virtual assistant jobs, Clickearners data entry jobs, and a few freelancing options as well.

You can put your email and other requirements, but still, you will have to pay to see what’s inside. That makes people unwilling to trust this website or continue working with them.

If you cannot even see what’s inside, how can you trust them? They have no such thing as a free trial. But anyone can access the Clickearners member’s area.

It is a ClickBank product. ClickBank is an online affiliate marketing platform that provides paid services. Almost all of its products are 100% legit.


ClickBank itself is a legit platform, and it has a return policy of 60 days. So, you can ask for a refund if you are not satisfied with the services.

Now, ClickEarners home-page promises an astonishing amount of $25-$30 per hour. For jobs like virtual assistance and freelancing, that amount of money is unrealistic. Another reason to think that Clickearners is a scam.

Clickearners may get you some jobs, but the fact that you have to pay for it makes it look fake. If you are willing to pay, you will have to make sure that you earn more than you paid. Otherwise, it’s a loss project.

But that is entirely your problem. If you cannot make money, it is none of their business. You will surely make money if you have the required skills. You cannot blame them if you don’t have any skills.

Who is the creator of ClickEarners?

Clickearners has not yet revealed the name of the owner or his qualifications. All we know is that the General Manager is a person named Tamara.

Users think Tamara is a ClickEarners scam because they never mentioned this name on the website, anywhere. You will just receive emails from that name once you log in

A question always arises in customer’s mids; why would they hide the creator’s or founder’s names? They also don’t even have an About page as all other sites.

Another questionable event and another reason why people think it’s a scam. Maybe they don’t want to reveal the names because of a specific reason. We cannot judge a whole platform by a one-sided story.

It might be a completely different situation going on inside. So, we cannot tell the actual reason behind them not revealing any names.

What’s Really Inside ClickEarners?

These are a few things available inside the Clickearners member’s area:

  • It has some necessary information about virtual assistance, freelancing, and data entry. These are in PDF files. Note that these are not any sort of training materials.
  • They have a list of links to different legit sites that provide online jobs. ClickEarners itself does not give you any job. They have said it in their disclaimer too.
  • They give links to different Facebook groups related to data entry and virtual assistance.
  • They show descriptions of different online jobs that you can find for free just on a google search.

Looking at these points, we don’t think that it makes any sense to put charges on information like this that you can find for free on the internet.

They put links to Fiverr and Upskill, two of the most reputed online job platforms that don’t charge you. But they charge you to take you directly to those websites.

Moreover, they put links to Facebook groups, which anyone could find if they have basic knowledge about social media. That’s only one search away.

Overall, paying ClickEarners for other free stuff may not make sense to you, but it may make a lot of sense to someone who has no idea about sites like Fiverr and Upskill or any others.

Some people are entirely new at online jobs; they don’t know anything about online platforms. That is where ClickEarners comes to help by providing essential tips and links to the best websites for jobs.

Does ClickEarners Really Work?

Well, it does work. You can find work from Clickearners, but these works are tough to maintain. So, you will have to think before you sign in Clickearners.

You have to consider if you will be able to make more money than what you paid. You will indeed get paid if you complete a task for someone.

Make money from ClickEarners

But, in this case, you will have to put in hours of work every day to make a significant amount of profit.

Clickearners is not for you if you cannot put in that much time. It’s not the same for every individual. So, if you want to pay them and continue working for Clickearners, do it consider your time and skills.

How does ClickEarners work?

You might be wondering, how does Clickearners work? First of all, you have to join their website. To do that, it is a simple process of following the instructions and answering simple questions.

You have to pay $27 for access for 12 months and $57 for a lifetime. Once that’s done, you instantly get access to the inside. After that, they will give you some links to freelance websites that don’t charge you anything.

From those websites, you can find thousands of people looking for someone to do their tasks. If you’ve got the skills, you will definitely make some cash.

Oh yeah, and they also give you information about what freelancing is and what virtual assisting is. Suppose you are from a place where there is not much internet access.

You have not been on social media platforms much. But you have a passion for writing, and you read a lot of literature and novels.

And you recently moved into town and heard that you could make money virtually with your writing skills. You’ve heard a word that you’ve never heard before, which is “Freelancing.”

Now you need the basic knowledge about what freelancing means and how to make money online. You don’t know about any websites, platforms, or groups that will give you work.

Now, in that case, ClickEarners is what you need to get started. That was just a story, and you don’t have to relate to that to get the product.

You know best about what you need. Check a ClickEarners BBB review for more information and details.

Available jobs on

These are the jobs available according to their website:

  • Data Entry
  • Customer Service
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Admin
  • Typing/Writing
  • Online research
  • Envelope filling
  • Media Management
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Secret Shopping
  • Surveys
  • Product Testing

? Click Earners™ – Work Online – Work From

Can you make money using ClickEarners?

Yes, you can, to an extent. But there is no guarantee that Clickearners will give you work. They will provide you with links to other free freelance websites. But, from there, you getting a job or not is not their concern.

You could then create and use an account on those websites for free by yourself and showcase your skills. If clients like your skills, they’ll hire you again and again without any complications.

But, remember that ClickEarners does not give you work. You need to find jobs based on your skills. No one will hire you if you don’t have the skills they need.

After all, everything depends on your skills and luck. If you are luckily able to get a client from those websites, you would have to deliver the best quality of the service they need.

And, if they like your work, they’ll give you a five-star rating, which might attract more clients. All those things are entirely free of cost; you will only have to pay to get into ClickEarners once.

Once again, ClickEarners does not provide you any work directly, and they don’t promise you to give you work. You will have to get the job from another free website whose link is offered by them.

Is ClickEarners a scam?

In simple words, Clickearners is no job site. But they are not a scam too. They are serving you links and information that will help you get jobs. They have no information about the creators.

And it is impossible to find it out because they have never even talked about it. They are not going to get you a job, nor find one.

Because let’s suppose they got you a job, and you failed to do that. Now, who will bear the responsibility?

So, you have to get a job on your own, and the client has to be happy with your work; otherwise, you won’t get paid.

If they get you a job and you fail, the client would blame them for everything. That’s why they won’t give you a job.

They’ll show you where you can find clients and work with the client on your responsibility. That way, you’ll have to pay for your mistakes.

Pros and Cons of ClickEarners


  • You get a 60-day refund guarantee from ClickBank, which is reliable.
  • Suitable for newbies with 0 experience and knowledge.
  • It takes you to the best websites to get a job.
  • It is a ClickBank product, which is a reputed platform.
  • Relatively cheap to get a lifetime membership.


  • Unknown owner and crew
  • You have to pay

Where to Sign up ClickEarners?

If you are still interested in ClickEarners, you can only Sign up it from the ClickEarners website.

? Click Earners™ – Work Online – Work From Home ☑️

They have worldwide support so that you can purchase and use it from anywhere in the world. Transaction details are on their website.

ClickEarners Customer reviews

You can see two testimonials on the ClickEarners login page, which claims that they are pretty good. You can check it out on their website; it’s right there when you open it.

Have a look at ClickEarners BBB (Better Business Bureau) to get a complete overview of real customer reviews. And of course, the reviews are mixed as like the other websites like this!

How to get a refund successfully/Refund policy

You already know that ClickBank’s 60-day refund policy covers the purchase. So, no matter what, if you request a refund via ClickBank, you will surely get a full refund. There is no scam in that place.

But you might think that there are complaints about not getting a refund. Yes, there are because those customers followed the wrong steps. The following steps are how you can successfully get a refund:

  • While claiming a refund, go to ClickBank directly instead of communicating with the vendor or trying to contact ClickEarners.
  • Make sure you request a refund within the 60 days guarantee period.
  • If you exceed 60 days, you cannot blame them for not getting a refund. It is clearly said that they will only accept refund requests within 60 days of the purchase.

Don’t worry if you have purchased the product, and you find it unnecessary. ClickBank is a legit platform, and their refunds are solid.

ClickEarners home page

The ClickEarners home page says the following things:

They say that there are various projects and works for you on the home page, but they say a different thing on the description.

By that, they mean that there are numerous projects and tasks available on the websites they take you to. But they don’t directly provide you any work; they don’t find you any clients. That depends on your skills.

They say you could find work and earn money online with them. By that, ClickEarners means that you could make money online by using the tips they provide and the links they ask you to join.

They won’t bear the responsibility of your work. If you make money from work successfully, it’s all yours; just as if you make a mistake, it’s all your liability. Not only them, but no online platform would take responsibility for your work.

ClickEarners Price

ClickEarners costs $27 for a yearly membership and $57 for a lifetime. If you plan on getting a membership, we suggest you go for a lifetime one. That is reasonably priced. And $57 for a lifetime is relatively cheap.

Is ClickEarners Worth it?

For that answer, you will have to question yourself, is ClickEarners worth it? Is it worth my money?

All of the information on ClickEarners and their links can be accessed free of cost online. You already know that. Others might find it useless. But, if you find it useful in any way, you could buy it.

And the membership cost is also not too much—just $57 for a lifetime. So, you could try buying it, and if you are unhappy with it, you could claim a refund. We have discussed how you could get your money back above. Follow those steps, and you’ll be fine.

? Click Earners™ – Work Online – Work From

ClickEarners- Our Final Verdict

Many people who have a lot of experience in this field might avoid buying ClickEarners. But that’s because they already have a platform to work. Only you know what’s best for you.

If you are a newbie, ClickEarners is 100% helpful for you. Whereas, if you’ve been in the business for years, you already know that it’s not essential for you.

 But, just in case, if you are not getting work from your present client, and you need some work from reliable sources, ClickEarners is there for you.

If you think ClickEarners will help you, you could always give it a try considering your present condition. And you have nothing to lose. ClickBank’s solid refund policy covers you for a good 60 days after the purchase.

Why would it hurt to try if you have a trusted platform covering you up? Plus, the subscription is very cheap, only $57 for a lifetime and $27 for a year. We suggest that you get the $57 one and try the product. If you don’t like it, you can get a refund.

And if you like it, you’ve already got a lifetime membership. But, remember that once you’ve claimed a refund, you cannot change your mind, nor can you join them ever again. We hope you found our review helpful.

The FAQs About ClickEarners

Is legitimate?

Yes, it is in a way. They show all the traits, but they do provide you precisely what they say in their description. So, you need to give it a try to see what happens, you’ll get the answer.

Does Clickearners actually work?

Yes, it does, according to the description. But they fail to provide you direct work. They give links to other sites from where you can get a job.

Is a scam?

Not really. This is complicated as it doesn’t show the customers what they actually do. But, at least, it’s not a scam.

How does work?

It works by giving you information about freelancing and virtual assisting and links to different legit sites and Facebook groups. But, to access any of that, you have to pay. And there is no free trial.

Can you find jobs on

You can, through other websites whose links are provided by them. But not directly from them. You cannot get any work on their website, and they won’t find you any clients.

What is ClickEarners?

It is a website that finds you other legitimate websites from which you will have to find work independently. They have no liability in getting you any job. They also sell some products and provide you with some information about freelancing.

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