How to Design a Best Book Cover That Sells.

Your book cover is your first impression. You can also draw the attention of your potential readers. It’s how they’ll decide. Whether or not to buy it. A Best book cover design. It will also make them want to know more about you and your story. If you want your book to sell. Then,  You need to design a great book cover. That reflects the quality of what you’ve written inside. Whether you need a new cover for an old book. If, there are looking for ideas on. then, you should know.  How to design the perfect book cover that sell.  In this post, I will show you the ins and outs of designing a best-selling book cover.
By now, You’ve heard all about the importance of having a book cover that sells. But, How do you create a design that works?Maybe, You can hire a professional designer. Yes. You can also create a quality book cover in this way. Or, You can also follow some tips that I am going to discuss below.
How to Design a Best Book Cover That Sells

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Anyway, There is another answer. By using what the experts call “the power of visual branding”. People always say. “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” But, It often happens. That’s why People say that. Because a book cover always draw the attention of a reader.

How to Design Your Book Cover That Sells: A Step-By-Step Guide

A bestselling book cover is too important. It can help your book stand out. So, The design of a book’s cover plays a significant role. In how well it sells. There are some factors such as the title, background, and text color. All contribute to the overall appearance of your cover.

It’s also important to create a memorable and eye-catching design. That will make potential readers want to pick up your book on the store shelf. Today, In this post. I am going to share some simple tips and tricks. How to design a best book cover for a bestseller.

4 Key Principles for Designing a Best Selling Book Cover:

We know. A bestselling book cover is important to help your book stand out. The design of a book’s cover also plays a key role in how well it sells. There are many strategies. You can use with your ads. But, a few key strategies that stands out is using pictures in your ad campaigns.


1. You Should Know Your Audience and the Competition:

The first step to designing a cover. What sells is understanding your audience and competition. You want the design of your cover. So, You need to be eye-catching design. But, You also need to know. What the other books in your genre are doing. For example, If you’re writing a book. About healthy eating for babies and families. Then, You need to look at what other similar books are using as their covers. In this case. You can also use bright colors and cartoon designs. So, It would be appropriate.

However, If you’re writing a murder mystery novel. That set in the 1920s. Then, You can also use black text with an old-fashioned font. It might work better for your cover design. You should Remember. You have to always consider the competition. For example. If there are lots of other books with similar topics on the shelf. Then, You’ll need to make sure. That your design stands out from all of them. The more unique and original your design is. Then, You have the better chance to attreact shoppers’ attention.

2. You Need to Create an Emotional Connection With Readers:

One way to create a bestseller. It is to create an emotional connection with readers. Say you’re writing a memoir. About your life. and you want to make people feel like. They can also relate to you. For example. If you’re talking about How your parents got divorced? Then, You could also use the color red for the title text. Because it’s an emotionally charged color. So, This would give readers an instant emotional attachment. It makes them want more from the story.

3. You Have to Create Visual Tension:

Yes. It is too important. You have to create visual tension with your design. It is also a great way to make your book stand out. Visual tension is created. When an image or text is placed in front of another image or text. That doesn’t match perfectly. An example. This might be an orange background with the words “Eat Healthily”. Then, It will be better to use a black font on top. So, The words aren’t quite aligned. Which creates visual tension that grabs readers’ attention. Also, It makes them want to know more. Another way to create visual tension with your design. It is using a textured background texture. You can also add a light letter.

4. You Must Aware of Using Color Strategically:

It is also a great way to attract attention. To use color strategically. A bright color will catch a reader’s eye. So, People pay more attention to your cover. It’s best to use an accent color. That contrasts with the background. That way, It will stand out and grab the attention of potential readers. In addition, You can make sure. You don’t go with a dull color. Or one that is too light.

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How to Create an Impactful Book Cover?

You should know that. How to design an impactful book cover? It is also an important skill. If, you can create a visually pleasing and compelling design. Then, It will not only catch people’s attention. Also, It will compel them to buy your book.

If You Want to Make It Possible. Then, I Have Compiled Some Essential Tips for You. You Can Follow These Simple Tips:

  • You need to know the elements of a strong cover.
  • Have to understand the purpose of the cover.
  • When you are designing the cover. Just use contrasting colors for text.
  • You need to consider your genre.
  • Keep it simple and elegant with a single focal point.
  • You can make sure everything aligns nicely with each other.
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Understand the Concept:

One of the first things. You need to do is understand the concept. As I have mentioned earlier. You also need to look at other bestsellers in your genre. So, You need to find out what elements are popular for covers. What colors, fonts, and images do these books use?

You also want to consider. What your audience expects from a cover in your genre. Would your audience expect a classic romance cover? With an image of two people embracing on a beach? Would they expect more of an abstract design? Or, With text laid over pink background. In order to create a successful cover.  Also, You need to take these types of considerations into account.

Brainstorm Ideas:

First, you’ll want to brainstorm ideas for your book cover. So, You have to think about the overall mood of your book. What image would best represent it? You will also use suspense as an example.

  • Is your book dark or light in tone?
  • What is the theme of your novel?
  • Do you want to create a sense of mystery or fear?
  • What color palette would fit best with your idea?

Once, You have these questions answered. Then, You think about it. What images might work with those answers? For example. If your book is light in tone. But, It has a supernatural theme. Then, You may want to think about incorporating imagery. That is frightening or eerie. You could also consider using a font that appears handwritten. So, It can be perfect to evoke an old-timey feel.

After you have some ideas written down on paper. Then, You’ll be able to narrow it down. Which ones are more appropriate. Finally, You will find a perfect concept that works well together.

Choose the Right Typeface:

The first thing. All you have to do is decide. What type of font you’re going to use? Your choice of font will be a reflection of your cover’s content. The genre falls in. For example. If your book cover is for a horror novel. Then, A Gothic-style font would work well. On the other hand. If your book cover is an inspirational memoir. Then, You might want to choose a more contemporary typeface that communicates optimism and hopefulness.


So, Now you know. How to design a book cover. Then, What’s next? Once you have your cover. You’ve created the ideal basis for all the branding material your business needs. Whether it’s business cards. It also can be packaging design or web design. So, You need to set the tone for your style. You can also add a color palette and font. I mean. Overall look. It creates a feeling. Your cover is the starting point for your brand collateral. So, Your designer will be able to create a seamless look for you. And just like that your business is ready to show the world. It’s a brand new face.

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