Blogging: How I Made $3,000 From Home

Alright, Today in this article I am going to discuss a housewife who made $3k/month. She has no college degree to earn that kind of smart money online.

I was interviewed here and know her story from first to last. That was interesting and can be inspiring to all of you.

Let’s listen to the story with her tone.

To be honest, I was short around $6 of earning $3k but I was pleased to make $ 2994 last month and make it fulfill of $3k I am not giving extra effort and not to be dishonest. I was just wan to continue my natural writing that is easier to read. The response was quite well.

You may be surprised how did I make that kind of amount to stay at home? Although I was a housewife and I had no college degree at all.

Blogging: How I Made $3,000 From Home

Well, in the last year I had to know about creating a side hustle besides the traditional job of 9 am to 5 pm. There are so many online entrepreneurs were working with such kinds of ideas. I started to gather some related pieces of information that kind of works online will be more suitable any at home. Because I am a housewife although I have two little kids. My husband was so supportive and we always discussed a side hustle together.

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There were so many ideas. For example content writing online for money. Create an online class, start a youTube channel and so many more options available for us. But, I am not feeling quite fit among all of those ideas. Until I watched an interview in a side hustle show, most probably, there was invited, Rosemarie Groner. I love her concept discussion, love the personality and the way of success how did she gain.

The most important thing is that she was a housewife like me and the way she talked made me inspired to start blogging.

So, I become determined to use my writing skills through blogging. Net. Fe days I have learned how can I start blogging. Watched so many tutorials, interviews, content to gain my knowledge. Finally, I started my blogging.

With all my journey I have faced so many challenges, getting help from other communities, getting admitted for learning. today in this post I will share my success story including a step my getting initiative. hope you will find something important to rise your income from my experiences.

Here are my top 10 suggestions that make me successful. All about for your kind concern. Let’s start.

1. How To Start A WordPress Blog In Minutes: 3 Simple Steps

Have you ever heard of WordPress? It’s the world’s most used blogging and content management system. With more than 75 million websites on the platform, it’s safe to say that WordPress is the best way to start a blog.

However, starting a blog can be complicated if you don’t know what you’re doing. From getting your domain name to purchasing your hosting package, some things can turn into unnecessary headaches if you don’t do them right.

Starting a blog nowadays is easier than ever. There are many tools and platforms available, but we recommend WordPress. It’s free and easy to use. Here are 3 simple steps on how to start a new WordPress blog in minutes:

1) Choose your domain name                                                                   

2) Sign up for hosting

3) Install WordPress.

2. How to Create a Profitable Blog in 5 Simple Steps

This blog post is designed to help you achieve your blogging dreams. No matter what your goal, this guide will take you through 5 easy steps to success. This blog post covers everything from how to choose a topic for your blog, to choosing the best platform for it. It also contains helpful tips on writing compelling content as well as increasing traffic and making money from your blog. By the time you’ve finished reading this article, you’ll have all of the tools at your disposal to create a profitable blog in just 5 simple steps. You need to be careful about the below 5 steps before starting your blog;

  • Choose your blog topic
  • Determine your blogging style
  • Decide on the best platform for you
  • Write compelling content
  • Increase traffic and make money from your blog.

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3. The Unconventional Guide to Blogging: The Work Before the Fame and Fortune

It’s no secret that the world has gone digital. Blogging is a great way to express your opinions and share your ideas with others. But before you start your blog, there’s some work you need to do first:

  • -What do you want to blog about?
  • -What is your target audience?
  • -What does success look like for you in your blogging career?  
  • -Where will you find time in your schedule for blogging?
  • -How will blogging fit into your life?

The above helpful tips on how to answer these questions so that when it’s time to start blogging, you’ll know what you’re doing.


4. Hosting: Everything You Need To Know About Hosting And The Different Types Of Services.

Hosting a party is a lot of work. You have to clean your space, get all of the food and drink ready, set up seating, and make sure you have enough tables and chairs for everyone. 

There are many different services to help you host the perfect party. They vary in what they offer based on what your needs are. You should clear concept of how to choose the right service for your needs and budget? Plus walk you through each part of hosting a party from start to finish. 

So don’t fret – Analysis on to learn everything you need to know about hosting and the different types of services!

5. Picking the right theme: 6 Simple Strategies to Pick A Winning Blog Theme

Choosing the right blog theme is no easy task. With so many options available, it can be difficult to find what you’re looking for. But don’t worry–we’ve got you covered! Check out these 6 tips to help you pick a winning blog theme that will make your blog stand out from the rest. 

1) Know Your Audience 

2) Look at Your Competitors 

3) Find Themes That Match Your Content 

4) Evaluate Your Branding/Identity 

5) Assess Your Needs 

6) Be Sure It’s Easy To Customize.

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6. Sign Up for Adsense and Affiliate Marketing: How to Start Your Blog with Adsense and Affiliate Marketing?

If you’ve been looking for a way to start your blog and make some money at the same time, then this article suits you more. Blogging is one of the best ways to generate income online as it provides multiple opportunities such as creating revenue from Adsense and affiliate marketing. Starting a blog with Adsense and affiliate marketing is easy with this step-by-step guide that will teach you everything & you need to know about blogging.

Here are some benefits of starting your blog with Adsense or affiliate marketing:

  • – You can choose what you want to write about
  • – You don’t have someone telling you what to do
  • – You can decide how much you want to work
  • – You can decide when you want to work.
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7. Create a Pinterest Account : 3 Tips to Make Your Pinterest Account Stand Out.

Have you ever found yourself scrolling through your Pinterest boards, only to find that you are looking at the same types of pins? Have you ever thought to yourself ‘I wish I could find more pins like this? Well, if you want to make your account stand out and have more unique content on it then here are three things that you should do.

First, follow a variety of different people on Pinterest.

Next, add more than just pins from popular sites such as Buzzfeed and Huffington Post.

Lastly, create a board with all of your favorite pins so that when you want to re-visit some old content it is easy to do so.

8. Email List: How to Generate More Leads with Your Email List?

Chances are you’ve heard the phrase “Money is King.” Well, it’s true. You need to build an email list if you want to generate more leads for your business.

Email marketing is still king when it comes to lead generation. It’s an inexpensive strategy that brings in high conversion rates and ROI. But how do you go about building an email list? And what should you do with that list once it is built?

You need to check out and attend to discuss the importance of generating more leads with your email list, and how to go about doing so!

9. Niche: How to Beat Competition in Your Niche, Even When There Are Too Many People In Your Industry.

Competition is everywhere. From the grocery store to the job market, there are too many people vying for too few resources. But there is always a way to beat the competition. Whether you want to make your favorite dish at home, find a new career, or start your own successful business, You should concern always that can help you win in any situation.


10. Get The Best Product Reviews With Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is a powerful tool that has been used by many companies and brands to reach an audience. Companies employ influencers for a variety of purposes, such as building brand awareness and driving sales. One way to promote your product is by collaborating with fashion bloggers to create product reviews. Here are some ways this may be helpful.


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