How to Make Your Blog Stand Out?

Are you working hard with your blog? Do you receive enough engagement? if yes, then I congrats you. But if your answer is  NO, then you need to rethink your bogging. In this article, You may find something. That’s can be crucial to make your blog stand out and be unique from others.  There are millions of blog sites and more than that in social media. Every day lunches thousands of blogs. Everyone feels too established.  Isn’t it?

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But the fact is different here. According to survey reports, A few thousands of blog sites are also inactive each day.  Although, there is a lot of blogs! OK, Left behind the blog figures, I have a clear concept. If you become a successful blogger or want to create a successful blog, then need a clear concept of how to move it ahead? And obviously, you need to be STAND OUT of crowd.

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Are You Looking for Your Blog to Take Away From Latency?

If you want your blog or any contentment activities that make required communication with audiences, Then You need to focus on three independent components: 1. Uplifting the best idea you have, 2. Make yourself leverage all kinds of resources to raise the blog 3. Develop your blog with such content of trends that are sharable. So, one reader improvises the other friends, family, or colleagues to read your interesting uploaded topics to read it.

6 Ways to Make Your Blog Stand Out

According to my observation, Here I set 6 true matters for you. I’m willing to discuss how these 6 tips make your blog become noticeable among millions of blog crowding.  If you execute my listed 6 tips appropriately then, I hope, You can able to make your desired attachment with your readers quickly.

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1. Don’t Create Noise (Shout):

Personally, I am a regular blog reader. I love to know other thoughts through their blogs’ posts. According to my experiences, let you know, I feel some blog posting kidding with me. They use unnecessary too many colors, insane types of images, illustrating that is not related to writing topics, Auto contemptible loud kinds of music, and some other noising matters they included in their post which are actually irritated me. I think the other readers also feel irritation with some kinds of unnecessary matters if included in any blog post. Be aware of those noisy matters in your post.  Definitely, The readers take away from your blog by using such kind of nuisance noise. Also, This is not a professional manner of writing something with shouting design. As a result, It will be costly to make them return to your blog again.

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Well-structured writing, related slow music, a short video can be included. More than that these are the good elements to make your post lucrative with readers. With polished use of color, separate heading and subheading with bold words is so much better than using excessive kinds of music, texts, or other unrelated things.

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2. The Prime Thing Is Quality Content:

You have to understand the reader’s pulse. An exalted uploaded post is impressive, workable for your readers. If you continuously upload your quality post, then the readers’ engagement increase dramatically.  Also,

You may focus on answering the readers’ questions. It is one of the common facts that Readers may have the interest and questions about your content or the type of business pieces of information you are uploaded. In fact,  This is one of the best ways to solve readers’ problems by replying to their quarries.

If you Keep in touch with your readers then it always brings good output to you. Although,  It depends on you how to handle the reader’s reaction to your specific uploaded post?  What can you do to draw their attention and attachments to your blog on a regular basis?

But I can give you a suggestion to make your readers focused on you. It can be storytelling, I mean a sort of storyline make a great appeal to keep readers attention on you.


One more important observation of mine. You need to know. You should bear in mind one thing, Suddenly, Don’t change your writing style. If you have some regular readers, Actually they like your attitude to deliver your speech, the personality, voice have already impacts on your readers. Don’t keep such kind of misconception that your topic words only the fact to attached your readers. They are used to or like the style to deliver your speech. So don’t make a big change in your delivery attitude.

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3.You Should Use All Types of Media:

If you have some kind of quality to include related images, you can make a sort of video and infographics can be a great way to provide information for the readers. let you know, a little bit different style within a post makes more appeal to the readers. Also. It looks lucrative and it is obviously a good thing that your every post is not repeating with the same style.

I know, the keyword helps to SEO ranking but reader engagement is also the key fact.

One more thing, if you use any kind of video, audio, images, then, make sure it will be the highest quality. The same thing is for infographics.

Use better quality types of media, style otherwise it can be a bad impact on your blog.

So, Be careful about using media in your uploaded post.

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4. Easy Readability Content:

Just keep in mind. Don’t use a long length of sentences. In your paragraphs use short types of sentences. Write your topic structurally that is easy to read for the readers. you can use Headers, Sub-headers. It can help the readers understand the topic easily. One more thing, you should select a flexible font that is easy on the eyes and color. Anything you can change consider the easy readability of your content.

5. Upload Content Regularly:

It is one of the most important things that you upload your post consistently. Then readers make their search of your blog to know what new post is uploaded.

Suppose, there is a blog where not been updated last few months. What does it mean? It’s like a signboard only. There is nothing inside it. It makes the worst impression on the readers and it is too tough to return the people on your blog in next. Keep in your mind. If you keep in touch with your readers consistently, then you can be able to build their trust. You can easily draw the attention of regular readers of your blog. It can also increase the chance that readers make comments on your post, share on social media. Accordingly, they make themselves more engaged with your blogs. So, don’t stop uploading posts.


I have another observation. It also works. If you upload a series of topics, then readers wait for the next post of the same series. It is one kind of promise to the readers that more post of the same series is coming. It develops a good momentum with readers.

I am just trying to say. Don’t break the level of regularity. You can make yourself a time schedule to upload your post. It can be twice a week or a day. It’s up to you but maintain continuously.

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6. Be With Your Readers (Prefer the Same Platform):

Once the readers memorize that they have seen you on specific social media. Logically, they have searched you on a particular social platform.

So, you need to promote bog links in particular social platforms where your readers are more available. I think you should take all opportunities on social channels and link up your blog with those.

I especially suggest, create one link of all blog posts that goes to all channels at the same time during uploading, it will be great to create better engagement with readers.


If you have any questions or comments to make your blog more visible. Feel free to ask.

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Happy Blogging!!