50 Legit Ways to Make a Passive Income Online

There are three types of income: active income, passive income, and portfolio income.

Now we all know how to generate active income online (through freelancing, consulting, etc.).

However, do you know how you can generate passive income online?

If you don’t, we came up with an ultimate guideline of 50 legit ways to make a passive income online.

Now, when it comes to passive income, most people often think it requires a lot of money upfront and time, and there’s the risk too.

However, if you take this risk and start creating passive income sources, then you will be even making money while sleeping and financially independent and wealthy soon.

So, if you are interested in legit ways to make a passive income online, in the next section, you’ll get 50 online legit ways to make a passive income online.

What are you waiting for?

Let’s get into it:

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50 Legit Ways to Make a Passive Income Online

When it comes to passive income, a myth stands that passive income requires a lot of money and time.

Well, it’s not true; not all ideas require a considerable investment. That’s why we have divided these 50 ideas into four sections. Which are-

  • Passive income that requires less or no investment
  • Agencies you can build
  • Investment Requires
  • Rental Service

Well, more than half of the online passive business idea doesn’t require any investment. Scroll down and find the legit ways to make a passive income for yourself.

Passive Income That Requires Less or No Investment

In this sector, all these ideas don’t require or requires significantly less amount of money.

However, instead of money, in this section, skill and consistency is the key.

If you want to learn a new skill set and work consistently, you will find the perfect passive income idea in this section.

Affiliate Marketing

One of the lucrative ways to earn online is affiliate marketing. In simple words, affiliate marketing is earning a commission for referring a product.

Every time someone purchases a product through your affiliate link, you will receive a commission.

Nowadays, almost all brands, f-commerce, and e-commerce have an affiliate program.

Affiliate marketing is an industry with massive potential, as many marketers are making a hundred thousand dollars every month.

You can do affiliate marketing online with websites, social media, YouTube, email marketing, and so on.

supper Affiliate System

Platforms: Amazon, eBay, AliExpress, ClickBank, and many more.

eBook Selling

Selling eBooks online has changed the entire game of becoming an author.

Earlier, an author had to write a book and go from one publication to another for publishing a book, but now things have changed.

The self-published book and eBook have changed the entire bookselling game.

You can take advantage of it as well.

If you like to write and want to become an author, you should take advantage of selling self-published books to become a successful author.

Also, you can outsource it and sell it.

Nowadays, there are so many platforms available that will help you to earn thousands of dollars every month passively. It is one of the best legit ways to make a passive income online.

Platforms: Payhip, Amazon Kindle, Blurb, E-Junkie, and so on.

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The podcast is a great way to create passive income. Through the podcast, you can create a loyal follower base.

Which you can use for affiliate marketing, selling a paid subscription, promoting other businesses and earning a commission, selling your PODS, and so on.

Like a website or YouTube channel, building a podcast playlist takes time too.

Once your podcast playlist starts growing, you’ll be earning more.

The increase\of income depends on the listeners. The more listener you have, the more you earn.

Platforms: Spotify, Apple Podcast

Selling Paperback Books

Undoubtedly, selling paperback books are more profitable and respective too.

However, the problem with selling a paperback book is it’s printing cost and printing and storage as well.

Also, printing hundreds of books at the same time is quite risky because if you can’t sell all books, then it’ll be a significant loss.

That’s why we recommend you use Amazon’s KDP print service.

This is a print of demand service; whenever someone orders the Paperback version of your book, Amazon will print it and deliver it.

Platforms: Amazon KDP print service, Blurb, Bookbaby, and others


Nowadays, audiobooks are in demand because of the audience that doesn’t like or have time to read.

Selling audiobook takes to that audience base as well.

Publishers are also using this opportunity to make thousands of dollars every month and year.

To convert your book to an audiobook, you need a narrator who has a known clear and bold voice.

If you have an eBook, don’t forget to convert it to an audiobook, which opens another income stream.

Platforms: Audible, Kobo, iTunes, etc.

Course Selling


Are you good at something?

Well, we believe you are. From cooking to coding, if you are good at anything, you can take a course on it and sell it online.

There are so many platforms available to sell your course and earn smart revenue from it.

It’s an effective way to generate passive income online.

Once you create a course and establish it, now people will keep enrolling, and you will be making money through it passively.

You may need to update the course by uploading contents to the course on a weekly, biweekly, or monthly.

Platforms: Udemy, Teachable, Thinkific, etc.

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Selling Digital Product

This is another profitable way to make a fortune passively.

In this case, you have to build a digital product that’s problem-solving.

It can be a tool that can help to stay focus while working, and actionable diet plan for weight loss, learning a new language in a short time, or anything that helps.

Well, people make millions of dollars by selling digital products while having single-digit pricing.

So, if you have a product idea that can solve someone’s problem.

Make a digital product on it; it’s an ex-works after that whenever someone buys the product, you’ll earn.

survey junkie

Platforms: SelWire, E-Junkie, Sellfy, and many more

POD: Print on Demand

POD or print on demand is a famous passive income stream for designers.

In this business model, you have to make a unique design and upload it to the POD platform, and you can sell it on t-shirt, hoodies, mugs even bags.

Now, whenever someone likes your design on anything, they’ll order it, and the POD company will source the product, print it, and deliver it.

And you’ll keep earning passively for your design. Also, earning depends on the product type.

For example, you will be making more money for selling your design on a hoodie than half sleeve t-shirt.

Platforms: Merch by Amazon, TeeSpring, Teezly, etc.


Blogging is an excellent way to generate passive income, even with significantly less investment.

There are so many bloggers available who are making thousands of bucks every month only through blogging.

At the start, it takes time, effort, quality, and consistency for establishment.

The earning also grows slowly but once you achieve establishment now, you will making a good revenue without spending more time on it.

Also, with blogging, you will have more earning opportunities, both passive and active.

Platforms: WordPress, Wix, Weebly, etc.

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Online Store


Selling online is much profitable than traditionally, as there is no high rent and directory maintenance.

Also, the online store gives you a huge opportunity to sell product all over your country and worldwide too.

It is one of the best 50 legit ways to make a passive income online.

That’s why many people in business are making thousands of dollars by selling their products online.

You can try your luck too.

First, setting up the business can be challenging, but once you establish it, you will be making money passively without focusing on the online store.

Platforms: Woocommerce, Shopify, Squarespace, and many more.

Amazon FBA

FBA means fulfillment by Amazon. Amazon FBA is a million-dollar making business model.

In order to establish this business model, you need more researching ability and strategies than money.

That’s why, before starting this business, we recommend you get some training and knowledge.

Basically, in this business model, you have to research and find a unique product that has the potential to be viral.

Once a find a product now source it at a low price and transfer it to Amazon’s warehouse.

Now, you have to create the sales page and promote the product.

Whenever you get an order, Amazon will pick it from the warehouse and deliver it to the customers’ address.

Commission Hero

Platforms: Fulfillment by Amazon


YouTube is the world’s largest video streaming platform.

In YouTube, after filling some requirements, the content creators can earn by monetizing their videos.

Also, there are more earning opportunities available with YouTube, like affiliate marketing, sponsored video, promotional videos, etc.

With YouTube, you can have your living. Yes, YouTube has such potential.

Also, once you upload videos on your YouTube channel, it becomes your asset. The more people watch it and click on the advertisement, the more you earn.

However, with YouTube, in the beginning, consistency is the key.

After that, once you have established your channel now, you can slow down the work and enjoy the revenue even when you are not working.

Platforms: YouTube

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Amazon Associate Program

Amazon associate program is one of the most lucrative ways to earn a commission for referring products available on amazon.

As we all know, Amazon is one of the largest e-commerce platforms globally, and its affiliate program offers a good commission percentage baas well.

In order to be an Amazon affiliate, you have to get through their requirement test first.

You can promote their products on the website (mostly known as Amazon niche site).

YouTube and on social media platforms too.

After building the platform, you have to apply to Amazon Associate central, and if they find your platform relevant, you’ll get into the program.

Now, keep working and rank the keywords, make the posts viral, and the more people click on your referral link and buy from Amazon, the more commission you get!

Is it tough? No, not at all!

If you work strategically, it’s much more comfortable, and you’ll be generating four to figure in passive income as monthly revenue once it’s established.

Platform: Amazon Associate Central

Creating Apps

We believe you are already familiar with applications.

Nowadays, we all use smartphones and tablets, and we have several apps installed there as well.

Now, do you know, by making an app, you can generate a passive income stream?

Well, yes! You can make money with an app in three ways.

  • By monetizing it (the user will see the advertisement while using the app)
  • Installing after paying a one-time paid subscription
  • Selling through it

Creating an app and uploading it on various platforms helps you create a passive income stream. People are making millions by making an app online.

So, what are you waiting for?

Platforms: Google Play Store, Apple Store, etc.

Licensing Music

Licensing music is an excellent way for music composers to earn royalty for a long time.

Also, you can outsource a piece of music and sell it online as well.

Day by day, the number of content creators is increasing, and that’s why people are also licensing more music for their videos, podcasts, and commercials.

That’s why, for those who want to create another passive income stream without working on it, licensing music is the best option.

Platforms: Music Vine, Artlist, Soundstripe, etc.

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Selling Stock Images

Are you a photographer? Do you love to capture beautiful photos?

If yes, then you can turn this hobby into a passive income stream. How? Through selling stock images.

Nowadays, online magazines, commercials, blogs, stock photos have become a need.

That’s why advertiser, blogger, designers, and small business owner everyone is looking for various photos. So, why don’t you use this opportunity?

Sign up to a stock photo selling platform, upload your captured photos, and enjoy your cut whenever someone purchases your image.

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Platforms: Shutterstock, Adobe Stock, iStock, and a lot more

Selling Digital Printable Products on Etsy

Etsy is an excellent platform for buying and selling digitally printable and many more.

For designers, this platform is the ultimate way to create passive income.

In Etsy, there are so many wall décor, printable poster, planner, painting available that people buy and print them for house décor.

So, if you are a designer, don’t miss this opportunity, and even if you are not a designer and still want to sell printable on Etsy, outsource designs and sell it on Etsy. 

Platforms: Etsy


Chatbots are great for generating passive income.

This idea is quite underrated, but it works. With ChatBots, you can make money in multiple ways.

For instance, you can create ChatBots for businesses that provide customer service, do affiliate marketing, generate leads, perform surveys, do advertising, and so on.

The most profitable way is to create a ChatBot for free and receive a commission for a lifetime on sales and leads.

Platforms: Chatfuel, MobileMonkey, Bold360, and others.


How can a copywriter make passive income with copywriting skills?

Well, with copywriting skill, you can generate passive income in three simple ways-

  • Building your blog and writing for it
  • Work as a copywriter in a project, and instead of a one-time payment, ask for a share of your written articles’ income.
  • Building a copywriting agency.

So, if you have copywriting skills, then congratulation, you can still make passive income streams.

Platforms: Your website or agency website

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eCommerce business is one of the profitable businesses available in the world. In the e-Commerce business, you can make money passively in two ways. Which are-

  • By selling products on an eCommerce platform like Amazon, eBay, etc.
  • By making your eCommerce website

However, whatever you chose at the start will be challenging.

But if you somehow can scale up the business, nothing can stop you from being a millionaire or billionaire (maybe)!

Supper Affiliate System

Platforms: Amazon, eBay, Squarespace, Wix, etc.

Flipping Domains

We need a domain for building a website, and this domain business is way bigger than we think.

Those who work in the digital marketing industry and the SEO industry know about it.

Well, you can make passive income by domain flipping in two possible ways.

One is, keep researching and finding a good domain name, and once you find it and available within your budget (it will be best if you can get it within single-digit).

Now, hold it and wait till the right time comes.

When someone approaches the domain within your preferred price, sell it. It’s a thousand-dollar business with an investment of a few dollars.

Another one is, buying an expired domain and flipping it.

If you are good at SEO or at least know how to audit an expired domain backlink profile, you are good to go.

At first, check marketplaces where people sell expired domains and when you find a good domain with a clear and robust backlink profile within budget, negotiate and buy it.

Now, hold for a certain period and after that sell it when you get your preferred price.


Platforms: GoDaddy Auction, NameCheap Domain auction, Flippa, and so on.

Creating A Membership Website

This is a real way to make a passive income stream without giving much focus after establishing.

You can always create a membership website where you can share podcasts, interviews. Articles from famous bloggers and authors.

This is how you can charge them on a monthly or yearly basis.

So, if you have some influence and expertise in your niche, then you should try this.

Platforms: MemberPress, Memberful, Membergate, and many more.

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Website Flipping

Before starting, let me remind you, website flipping requires a sharp eye to audit the website and invest both thoroughly.

Now, whenever you see a website with potential, you’ll buy it and improve the website more to see an increase in earnings.

Once it generates a good amount of money, now it’s time for flipping it.

Our favorite is, buying a website that is making around $50-60 a month, and a website with this income is available within $1000-1200.

After that investing a few more bucks for improving the website, and it’ll hit up to $1000/month with a few months (If the website has potential, then).

Now, we can flip this website for $20,000-30,000 easily.

Platforms: Flippa, Freemarket, Trademysite, and many more other platforms are available too.

Help Businesses to Get a Client- Referral Program

This is like affiliate marketing, but instead of products, you will be referring to services.

In this case, you can promote a business or service on your website, YouTube channel, email subscribers, or your social media profiles.

Whenever someone clicks your referral link or put your referral code, you’ll get a commission for it.

Platforms: Commisioncrowd, Performio, Sales Cookie, etc.

Flipping Stuffs Online

Well, this is a traditional business idea that we will do online, which is buying old kinds of stuff and selling them for more price.

To start this business, you may need an empty garage or basement where you’ll be keeping all those products.

Now, get some money in your hand, go to auction and household sales, go to an old stuff shop in your city and collect unique and saleable stuff.

After that, repair products if requires and clean them.

Then enlist it in an online buy & sell platform with some attractive photos and your preferred price. Now, sell all your stuff and enjoy the profit.

Platforms: Amazon, eBay, eBid, and many other platforms are available.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is a great way to make money online.

If you have a good follower base on social media accounts, then your niche brands and companies will ask and pay you for a sponsored post or video.

Based on the number of followers you have, the brand will be paying you.

Also, some brand pays for per thousand views, which means whenever someone sees/reacts on your sponsored post, you’ll get paid by the company or brand.

Platforms: The Room, Fourstarzz Media, Heepsy, and other platforms

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Agencies You Can Build

Are you good something? Like travel consultation, copywriting, digital marketing, SMM, etc.?

If yes, in this section, you will get five ideas that will help you convert your skillset into a business, a passive income stream after establishment.

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Online Travel Agency

Do you love to travel? Can you generate low to high budget traveling ideas and execute them?

If yes, then you can try your luck with an online travel agency.

If you are enthusiastic about traveling, then planning a good vacation for your client won’t be a tough job for you.

By creating a travel agency, you can earn for consulting and setting up a vacation plan, and you may also earn a commission from airlines, hotels, restaurants, and so on.

Platforms: Your travel agency website and social media profiles

Graphic Design Agency

Graphics designing agency is a perfect business model for those who have graphic designing tasks in bulk or for those who have time for professional graphic designers.

In a graphic designing agency, you’ll be taking projects like making log, marketing and advertising material from companies also you can get photo editing works as well.

After establishing a graphic design agency, you don’t have to work all day long.

Instead, your team will work on the project, and you’ll look at the bigger picture like business expansion, financial aspects, and so on.

Platforms: Upwork, 99 Designs, Behance, etc.

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Digital Marketing Agency

Digital marketing agencies are a great start in the business world if you are a digital marketing expert.

Even if you are not, with project management skills, you can still set up a digital marketing agency and hire people to work on your projects.

So that you can enjoy the passive enjoy without working much.

In this case, you should know about digital marketing and the ability to evaluate freelancers’ profile so that you can hire them.

Now, find a client and let your employee handle the work.

Once your agency grows, you can hire some more people to handle the agency, and you’ll enjoy the profit without working much.

Platforms: Your website, social media, LinkedIn, etc.

Social Media Agency

As you have already guessed, you’ll be providing social media service in a social media agency.

In a social media agency, you’ll be handling your client’s social media profiles, content creation, social media advertisement, customer service through social media, and so on!

Well, a social media agency has a lot of work and requires more meetings and ideas.

That’s why, while hiring, hire carefully.

Once the agency starts growing with reputation, you can use your team to handle all the business aspects, which allows you to enjoy the passive income.

Platforms: Your social media agency’s website, social media profiles, LinkedIn, and many more.

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Content Marketing Agency

The content marketing agency is the best way for copywriters and content writers to take their business one step ahead.

In a content marketing agency, you have to help businesses with content strategy and content creation.

The content marketing agency creates blog posts, infographics, videos, manuals, advertisement copy, etc.

If you have some big clients and are skilled enough to deliver top-notch content while maintaining a team, you should start a content marketing agency.

Just like all other agencies, once it establishes, you will have less work less and a stable passive income stream as well.

Platforms: Your agency’s website, Upwork, LinkedIn, Social Media profiles, and many more

Requires Investment

Now, this section requires investment. However, investment is not everything.

You have to keep studying the topics, and after that, you can invest your money in something.

Without proper study, if you invest, then the possibility of loss will increase.

inbox pays

Peer to Peer lending

Peer to peer, aka P2P, is for people who don’t qualify for a traditional loan.

In this platform, you can lend money to people and earn interest on the principal amount, with an average cash flow of 4.1%, its much better than other money markets.

Now, to some people, peer to peer lending may sound risky, which it is!

For reducing the risk, check the borrowers’ profile thoroughly, and spread your investment amount.

Platforms: Peerform, Lending Club, and Prosper

Invest In A Reit

Investing in real estate takes a lot of bucks, right?

Well, not anymore! With the Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) help, you can invest in real estate for as low as $500.

Basically, REIT holds property and lets you gain profit, losses, income, sales passively from the property you have invested on.

REIT is the best investment for those who want to invest in real estate but cannot afford an entire property.

Platforms: FundRise, Roofstock, CrowdStreet, and so on.

Buy an Established Online Business

See, building a successful online business requires time, wealth, skill, and consistency.

Even after all these, there is always a possibility of failure.

That’s why, if you can afford and look for an instant passive income source, then buying an online business can help you to achieve it.

In this case, you have to find an online business that can make money passively and grow if you invest in it, and you also need it within your budget.

There are many agencies, online shops, drop Shipping business, blogs, affiliate sites, digital products, and much more available for you.

Just buy it, maintain, and improve it and enjoy the passive stream of income.


Platforms: Flippa, Freemarket, website broker, FE International, etc.

Buy Small Businesses

If we see around, there are so many small businesses available that require a bit of investment or exposure, but the owner gives up and sells it.

Now, if you can take those businesses ahead of you and make it a million-dollar business, then acquiring small businesses will make you a millionaire.

Well, we know it’s a bit risky, but knowledge and a proper plan with resources can decrease the risks and make you profit.

Once a small business gain establishment, it’ll be a powerful source of passive income.

Platforms: BizBuySell, BizBroker.net, businessman, etc.

Drop Shipping

Dropshipping is a popular million-dollar business model where business cost is less and the profit margin is enormous.

Dropshipping is an e-Commerce grade business.

But what makes it different is, you don’t have to source the product and store it in your basement or warehouse for years.

Instead, once you receive an order, you have to place an order with your supplier, and they’ll take care of the rest.

In the beginning, the dropshipping business requires both money, time, and hard work.

But once it’s established, it won’t require too much attention, and you’ll still make money passively.

Platforms: Shopify, WooCommerce, Avasam, etc.

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Invest in a Business With Potential

In order to generate passive income without working, you should invest in a business like a silent partner.

Now obviously, it’s quite a risky and long-term plan but profitable too.

Now, obviously, business requires more investment, and maybe you can’t invest millions of dollars, right?

That’s why we recommend you to invest small amounts in different companies and give small businesses loans on interest too.


Platforms: Worthy, NextSeed, and others.


Nowadays, cryptocurrencies are booming! It’s growing like crazy. That’s why investing in cryptocurrencies can make your investment double within a few months.

If we see, on 1st January 2020, just a year ago, the price of bitcoin was $7,200.

Just after a year, on 1st January 2021, 32203 USD, which means in a year, it has increased 4500%.

That’s why, for high profit, you can also invest in bitcoin, but it’s risky too. You can buy cryptocurrencies on Coinbase.

Platforms: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc.

Rental Service

In this section, we have discussed earning through things you already have. How? By simply giving them on rent.

This is a slow process, but this is how you can save money to invest in a business. So, check this section carefully and point out what you can rent and earn from it.

Renting Out Your Cars

Do you have an extra car or an unused car? If yes, then renting it out can help you to make money passively.

Nowadays, there are so many platforms available where you can give your car out for rent.

People will rent out your car on an hourly, daily, and monthly basis, and you’ll be earning passive income without doing anything.

So, if you have an extra or unused car, consider renting it out and enjoy the passive income from home.


Platforms: Turo, GetAround, etc.

Renting Out Your RV

RV is something that people uses maybe once or twice a year, and all other time of the year, it stays in your backyard or your parking area unless you are living in it.

That’s why if you have an RV. You can rent it out.

This is a great way to earn money from something standing in your backyard without any use.

The rental service provides an insurance plan as well, so even if anything to your RV, the insurance will be covering it.

Also, by renting it out, you can make around $100 to $500 each night.

So, if you have an RV, don’t miss this opportunity to let others use it, and instead, you’ll be making some bucks too.

Platforms: RVShare, Outdoorsy, and many more other platforms.

Renting Your Backyard for Camping

Everyone wants privacy, and that’s why some people don’t like the concept of Airbnb.

Even they feel very annoyed when they see a stranger in their house. If you are someone like this, don’t worry, you still have the opportunity to make money.

In this case, people rent out the backyard, garden, or empty land for camping, which doesn’t make you feel bad about some stranger in your house.

Also, you’ll be making money from it too.

Platforms: HomeCamper, Campinmygarden, Youcamp, and other websites.

Rent Your Boat

Do you have a boat? If you have a boat and don’t use it more often, you can create a passive income stream with this. How? By renting your boat!

Yes, you can rent out your boat for up to $1000 a day.

No matter what sort of boat you have, from a fishing boat to a well-decorated yacht, you can rent it over earn from it.

The VIP yachts are quite expensive, and if you have one, you will be quickly making a lot more than $1000 per day.

supper Affiliate System

Platforms: Boatsetter, Getmyboat, Clickandboat, and hundred more platforms available.

Rent Out Your Child’s Equipment

If you have a baby who is 8+ years old and you still have all his/her equipment, then congratulations; you can also make passive income by renting out your child’s equipment.

You can easily rent out toddlers, toys, car seats, higher seats, beds, and swings, and so on.

Now, why people will rent it out instead of buying it?

Sometimes, because of the financial crisis or else the family, the child is traveling or doesn’t need an accessory for a long time.

Platforms: Anything for Baby, BabyQuip, Baby Borrow, and others.

Rent Out Your Garage

Do you have a garage or a basement that you are not using anymore?

If the answer is yes, then renting out the garage can help you create a passive income stream.

Just like a house or apartment, people also take basement, garages on rent and pays a good amount of money on a monthly/yearly basis.

So, why are you keeping your basement free when you can rent it out and enjoy an excellent passive income stream too.

Platforms: Neighbor, Storageroomz, and others.

Lease Your Parking Space

Don’t you have a car but still have a parking space or an extra parking space that you are not using or an ample empty parking space for RVs?

If any of this goes with you, then you can make passive income by leasing out your parking space.

Nowadays, many platforms are available that pays on an hourly/daily/weekly/biweekly, and monthly basis.

People subscribe to parking spaces so that they can keep their extra or old car.

So, if you have an empty parking space, don’t let it stay empty; instead, lease it out for having another passive income stream.

Commission Hero

Platforms: Stow It, JustPark, MobyPark, and so on!

Advertise With Your Car

Have you ever seen someone driving a private car and entirely designed by an advertisement?

Well, it’s another way to generate passive income. It’s for those who love to drive all day long.

However, the earning potential is quite good too.

If you have your cars and drives them every day and have a clean record, then you can make some extra bucks passively from here.

What extra you have to do?

Without getting your car wrapped with advertisement and keep driving like you used to do before.

So, what are you waiting for? Subscribe to them, get your car wrapped, and enjoy passive income without doing anything!

Platforms: Wrapify, StickerRide, Carvertise, and the list must go on!

Rent Out Your Extra House/Apartment

Do you have an extra room or apartment that you are not using? In that case, you can do some heavy cleaning and rent it out or enlist in Airbnb.

If your apartment is in a prime location and offers affordable pricing, then you don’t have to worry about booking.

Also, if you have enough money, then you can buy a vacation home or a beach house and enlist it on Airbnb, and you’ll be earning forever passively.

Again, for cleaning and improving the room, hire someone.

Platforms: Airbnb, Vrbo, booking.com, and many other platforms are available

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Rent Out Your Bike

Well, this is an old idea. Almost all big cities that have tourist attractions have a bike rental service. So, why don’t you get into this business?

Well, if you have a good-conditioned bike, then you can rent it out.

Some platforms also provide insurance facilities, so if your bike faces any damage, the insurance will cover the cost.

Also, you don’t have to worry about the payout too.

So, if you already have a bike, you can give it for leasing when you are not using it, and when you have enough money, you can increase the number of your bikes as business expansion.

Platforms: Spinlister, CycleHop, Yellow, and much more available

Rent Your Cloths

Worried about spending too much on shopping and not using not for a long time? Well, here is a story for you.

Mr. Steve bought a tuxedo, and it cost him $999, which is quite expensive.

Now, he’s quite tensed because he doesn’t wear tuxedos more often (twice or thrice times a year).

That’s why he decided to provide the tuxedo on rent, and within a year, he earned $730 only by renting out that tuxedo.

Now, spending too much on shopping isn’t right but if you can give your dresses on rental and earns from it, you can easily spend that money on shopping and its passive income.

How To Build A Drop Shipping Business From Scratch

Platforms: Express Style Trial, Gwynnie Bee, Tuileries, etc.

Rent Almost Anything

So many people keep saying they don’t have a car or house to give it on rent.

Trust me; it’s bullshit! If you want to give something for rent and earn through it, then look wisely because you already have something that you can give on rent.

From camera, drone, musical instruments, books to transports, you can give anything on lease.

So, check those platforms and see if there is anything you already have for rent.

Platforms: Fatllama, KitSplit, Omni Rentals, and others.


So, here are the 50 legit ways to make a passive income online.

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