5 Free Courses Paying $60000/year

Do you want a change in your career but have no clue what to do? If your career’s road is facing a block and you are searching for alternative ways to earn, this article will open your eyes.

You don’t have to have a college degree to apply and do the jobs we will discuss today. Plenty of options are available for you to start online jobs from home, no matter your beginner or experienced.

 We understand that many people don’t understand which job will suit them or what the will be expenses and so we made a list of 5 free courses that will lead you to start a new good career.

These courses will help you get a clear concept of the works you will be trained in and decide which online job you should go. Let’s start reading about them and spend no more extra time talking.

Learn Proofreading & Become Proofreader

A proofreading job is a perfect online job for you to spot grammatical mistakes or point out errors in spellings from books, documents, website articles, or blog posts.

The potential earning is $37k+$60k per year. The income varies depending on the type of proofreading you will do. Proofreading is of two kinds.

General proofreading

This proofreading is mainly for beginners, and they correct errors from books or blogs because one can master them fast and is less technical.

Transcript Proofreading

This proofreading is for experienced people to correct mistakes from legal documents. The earning potential is also higher than the general.

Caitlin, a proofreading expert, has already taught students over 4 thousand online. She created an online free workshop of 76 minutes, which will teach you everything you need to learn to become a proofreader.

Get Trained & Become Freelance Writer

If you have a hobby to write, you can take a course and progress to become a professional freelance writer. A lady named Holly Jonson is pro at this and earns over $200,000 every year.

Get Trained & Become Freelance Writer

To help others make a good career in freelance writing, she has an online course that gives you tips and tricks you need to know before you enter into this career.

This course can help you to turn this amazing job into your lucrative career. Better to hurry and join the free course today to start your career as soon as possible.

Make Money With Your Instagram

Instagram is not just a social media but also became a source of income for many people. Making money on Instagram is so simple because you need to keep growing your followers and share images.

 Alex Tooby is an Instagram expert who gained 465000 followers. She shares how you can increase your followers very fast and make engagement on your account, which will help you in selling.

You may be thinking we suggest you start a business, but no, you don’t need products of your own rather, you can do affiliate marketing on your Instagram account.

 Promote the products that you think are useful and help both sellers and buyers. For example, suppose you used coconut oil, which you think works great.

 So, you can write about that particular product and leave a link on your post from where your followers can purchase the exact coconut oil.

When one of your followers by using your link, you will get a commission for the sale. If you want to get complete guidance on making money using Instagram, Alex’s free course will help you a lot.

Use Pinterest To Get Money

Pinterest is a platform where you will find plenty of ways to make it from home. All the money-making ways are online-based. The most chosen works are blogs posts promotion, affiliate marketing, and virtual assistance.

If you already have used Pinterest and like to to share pins, you can take this as your career. You start with wither writing blogs or giving online business by opening an account with Pinterest VA’s help.

 Pinterest VA will also be helpful to create images and share them there. There’s a free workshop that will show you the ways you can get $2000 on Pinterest in a month.

We also made and are still making thousands of dollars every month by posting blogs there. You, of course, need to have some followers.

The followers will eventually rise over time. Blogging is the best online job option, and Pinterest is best for starting a blogging career.

Online Bookkeeping

Becoming a virtual Bookkeeper is a big benefit for your pocket because you get to work with clients from home and make $60 for each hour. This way can be a career paying you high if you are great with numbers.

But the thing is, if you don’t have any idea how you can do the job, there’s nothing to worry about because you can take an online course from the Bookkeeper Launch school.

It has already trained over 4 thousand students and helped them all to become bookkeepers. None of them had any experience in this field.

This course is designed easily for the busy job holder people and the busy working st home mothers. Hence they can learn and have everything clearly understood.

Their free course helps you to learn testing waters and seeing how businesses work. You will also understand if bookkeeping is your type of job or how you can run your business when you start one, the ways to find clients, and more.

The free course will not provide you any certificate, but if you take the paid course after completing it, they will give you a certificate that will help you find potential clients.

Why Need A Course?

It’s always better to start working with some concept of that particular work, or else we may fail to make an impression on the client or company we are going to work with.

 Besides, when you involve yourself working online, there will be nobody to guide you. This course is the only great facility we can have at offices, and so as you will not be going to an office, you need to train yourself first.

When you start your career knowing how to do things or manage everything regarding your job, fulfilling your duties becomes easier. Also, when you have a chance to learn working for free, why miss it?

 We know many of you can’t give the expenses of courses, but you still need to learn. Thus we brought you all the 5 free courses to help you start your career tension free. Make sure you do the courses mentioned before you decide to do any of the works above.

Final Words on 5 Free Courses

In our daily lives, we only try to get jobs and ways to earn money, but we never try to understand the works first, which becomes our enemy, stopping us from finding suitable jobs for us.

These free courses will make you able to teach you everything clearly and answer all the questions you had regarding the jobs.

If you want to know more about such free courses, we have plenty of other suggestions for you, but to know them you need to visit our website more.