How I Make $3000/Month Working 2 Hours/Day For VIPKID

Are you having a flexible schedule and want to use those times in making earning online by teaching?

Consider VIPKid to start your teaching career online.

You need to work 5 hours daily and get paid $3000 every Month.

In China, English is considered a second language. Hence they are putting efforts to make their young children learn advanced English sooner.

VIPKid has taken this responsibility and gathering teachers from other countries who are good at English and are great at explaining grammar.

The payment ranges from 14-22 dollars for each hour.

You will get to teach their children of 4-12 years old. VIPKid was in number 1 rank by the Forbes as top work from home companies.

This is the best teaching online job.

A mother named Brittney Sutton, who is currently working for this online education site, said everything you need to know about VIPKID in her interview.

How I Make $3000/Month Working 2 Hours/Day For VIPKID

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Interview About VIPKid With Brittney Scott

Check all the details given by her below and think if this job is the right one for you.

How Long Can A Person Work With VIPKID?

According to her information, she’s on her second contract.

One needs to sign a contract with VIPKID for six months after passing a screening process.

While you are in contract with them, you have to inform them two weeks before when you want a little break.

If you always keep working sincerely, they will keep you in every session.

What do They ask As Requirements To Work With Them?

The requirements are very simple and common. You just need a bachelor’s degree in any field.

You must be eligible for working in Canada or the US. The one year experience is enough to prove you’re worth becoming a teacher here.

How Was The Interview Procession?

Before you get invited for an interview, make sure to pass the first stage or application.

Their interview process keeps changing its format, but she told us when she was interviewed, she went online on Skype gave their tests on type format.

After that test, she took a quiz test and lastly attended two mock classes.

How I Make $3000/Month Working 2 Hours/Day For VIPKID

What Actually A Teacher Has To Do There?

A teacher has to take English online classes for Chinese students, and the format is 1 -on- 1. Every class duration is for 25 minutes.

Sometimes if needed, the time duration gets long.

How Can A Newbie Teacher Book Her Classes?

There are slots that you can open and see the timing which matches your schedule.

Of course, hope that your intro video or bio is appealing.

How many ones Can Get As First Salary & How Much After Gaining Some Experience?

The salary usually depends on how long a person can teach.

Brittney Sutton used to teach for 2 hours daily, and she got $700 as her first salary.

Now at her second contract, she is currently making $2000 per Month.

You can make the amount of $3000 simply by working 2 hours extra, which means 4 hours a day.

How Long It Takes Them To Pay Their Workers?

VIPKid is a legit and trustworthy company that has no bad records regarding the payment method.

They never miss a single month to pay all their teachers via check. You are guaranteed to get your payment on every Month’s first week.

How I Make $3000/Month Working 2 Hours/Day For VIPKID

Can A Teacher Make His/Her Own Schedule?

The answer is ‘yes’! You can choose a schedule by yourself.

She generally works 6-8 am from every Monday to Friday. On Friday and Saturday, she teaches from 7-11 pm.

Is This A Steady Job?

According to her, this job is totally steady because she took off for some days and went to visit Disney land.

When she came back, she was surprised to see a fully booked schedule.

How Good Is This Job?

This is a perfect home job, especially for mothers. Because of its advantages, it’s the all-time favorite job for ladies.

They have the freedom to work any time they want. They get a decent payment also they get respect from the students and parents.

The Pros of The Job?

You are treated there as an independent contractor. You choose schedules by yourself.  You can teach from anywhere in the world.

It’s up to you if you want to work much or little. The lessons are always planned out by them. Hence you only teach.

The payment amount is satisfactory, and the enjoyment you get from students makes this job totally worth it.

How I Make $3000/Month Working 2 Hours/Day For VIPKID

Cons Of The Job?

This could be a problem for mommy’s only because they cannot teach at day times when their kids are studying at their schools.

So a mommy needs to get up earlier than her kids and do her teaching at those free times.

On the weekend’s mothers can teach while their children are sleeping.

If you have nothing to do the whole day, you don’t face any problem making money here as much as you want.

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Some Other Important Things To Know About VIPKID

We hope you can already understand how well this job will work for you.

Anyone can work with VIPKID from anywhere, even if you are at a house or hotel.

You must have a laptop and internet connection always in order to do your duties daily.

A mother can work for a longer time, too, if she gets family support.

How I Make $3000/Month Working 2 Hours/Day For VIPKID

Her husband can be a big help and take care of the children at free times so that the mom can do extra work and make extra money.

Although you don’t get any special benefits from the company, the flexible work itself is a huge benefit to all the workers.

Moreover, there’s a very good chance to get students to teach them in private.

If your performance is good and students love the way you teach, some parents hire you to teach their children especially.

Of course, you will be paid differently then, and also you can charge the parents any rate you want.

Final Words

The online teaching profession is getting demanded with the passing time.

You will be surprised knowing there are other well renowned Chinese companies giving the same chance to teach English online from anywhere.

We have other articles where you can know more about those companies and the links to apply.

If you think this job is worth it, you can literally apply today and join them after passing all the tests.