21 Instant Ways to Make Money Fast

It sounds unbelievable that someone can find 21 new ways to make money. We all know that making money is not an easy job.

But we can still find a solution for you. We have gathered some valuable information from some financial advisors with more than ten years’ experience.

You can do a full-time job online and offline. It is your choice to choose anyway. You might be wondering that the only way to make money is to get some clients for a prolonged period. Go through this article to know, ’21 instants ways to make money online.’

Google AdSense

You will need your website for this. Google will give you some code, and you have to copy and paste that into your website.

You can add their advertisements in your blog post. Make sure to match the niche. Then Google will pay you a big check.

Text Links

If you are reading news or blog article, there you may find some links. If you enter that link, you will enter into another article, and this is a text link.

That another article is willing to pay you, if you add their link into your article that redirects to their page, they will pay a different amount of money depending on the niche.

It is not a long-term money-making process. If you sell text links every day, your site may get banned. So, do it randomly.

Sponsored Post

This idea is straightforward. You will advertise some products on your site. And the company will pay you depending on how big the company is.

But advertise only renowned companies. If you show rotten unused products, you will lose your viewers. They might blacklist you.

Affiliate Marketing

There are many insurance companies and online banks that will pay you if you affiliate with them. You can earn up to a hundred dollars if a random person signs up for that particular site and invest money.

Display Ads

If you display an ad on your blog site, you will get paid the more times the ads are displayed on a site. People don’t even need to click the ads. It is an ongoing process.


The main sector of this job is content writing and blog posting. But you can do the translation, biography, and copy-paste work.

This is a vast sector. You can work for a specific company or a site or write for your own site. You will get paid according to your writing skill.

Getting Clients

If you run an online business, you will need new clients. You can get the attention of your clients through your blog posting.


If you are a financial advisor, then this is your call. People may not know you. Run profiles and social media such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.

Teach them how to run a business and get money faster, where to invest their money. Then charge money for your valuable time.

Selling Leads

It is a procedure to sell leads. Many big companies will give money to get those leads. There are many types of leads, such as medical leads or life insurance leads.

Digital Products

There are many examples of digital products, such as Pdf versions, email courses, videos, and online courses.

 Online courses are high selling nowadays. If anyone buys your online course for learning, you will make money from this.

Sqribble Review


You can invest your money in the share market or a mutual fund. This is a good way to win a large amount of money. But you have to go through some risks. You may keep a broker to handle this.

Peer-to-peer Lending

Here people do not use any bank. They go to personnel for microloans. You can take help from online lending clubs for crowdfunding.

Real Estate Investment

All you have to do is investing the well-known real estate companies. They will handle your properties and give you interest as well.

Online Advertisement

If you are an influencer, then it is your job. All you have to do is making the audience in social media.

If some companies see your profile, they will pay you for sharing and advertising their products. Many models and celebrities earn a lot of money in this sector.

Selling Stuff

This is the fastest way to make money. Sell the products you don’t need anymore. There are many recycle related groups that can help you.

Physical products

You can create a subscription box and send gift products to random addresses. You will get paid for your subscriptions.

YouTube Ads

You must have a YouTube channel for this. Turn on the monetization before publishing your videos. And you will get paid for the advertisements.

Niche Site

Create a website or blog site on a particular niche. Sell products or teach some courses. This will pay well.

Publishing Books

If you have a good skill in writing, write a book. You have to promote it on many social media. You will get paid if the book has got good sales.

Online marketing

This is the trendiest thing nowadays. Bring some products from a known wholesale shop. Advertise those products in your groups or page and sell them. This is hard work, I must say.

Final Words

The beauty of these money-making processes is you have options. If you feel uncomfortable, do not like the way, you can simply switch to another job. You can run different jobs at the same time. Once your business takes off, you will never have to look behind.

You can keep managers or workers to handle this after you have reached your goal. Go through this whole article to know ’21 instants ways to make money online.’