20 Typing Jobs You Can Do From Home

Since the last decade, freelance has become the favorite sector for the job who wants to work from home. The interest in freelancing is growing with the new generation’s growth.

The jobs are usually available in Canada, the US, and European kingdoms, so people face difficulties finding jobs to do no matter the location.

Thus freelance came to everyone’s notice, and now both young or elders, everyone is finding a place for them there to make a regular income from.

Today we will be introducing you to those 20 freelance typing jobs which will pay you more than enough. Let’s read the whole article to know about every single way to earn through typing.


On Fiverr, the gig starts from 5 dollars. You will find clients here who will involve you with projects you can finish at home.

The Fiverr has already made itself famous for being a market place where remote workers with talent are connected to industry leaders.

This company lets it’s workers to choose from over 300 different jobs. You can with your experience higher your rate, but we recommend that you always put a competitive rate to get attracted.


Here on Upwork, your earning potential is always depending on the projects you get. Upwork has made itself popular globally because here, getting works are more straightforward.

You, too, can propose projects to clients. Creating a profile is also easy. When you have one project after it’s finished, you will be reviewed by the company on your profile.

You can get the money from your works via your PayPal account and in many other ways.


If you are looking for legit freelance jobs that pay highly, let us inform you that the freelancer is the one website that fulfills this requirement for IT jobs.

Up to 1300 different categorized jobs are found on here. This one also works like the previous website we talked about. Just make a profile of yours simply, and then you are ready with your proposals to approach clients directly.


Pro freelancers with talent love this website because it is providing them work for a long time. Their revamped interface and expanded operation area is now attracting more new freelancers.

FlexJobs give you freedom of not only choosing the category to work on but also the work hours. To attract clients globally, you just need to make your profile genuinely professional.


The founder of FlexJobs has created this website for remote workers to help them find jobs globally. To get a project here, you need to go through some questions and answers.

Also, this website has earned popularity as the freelance market to pay its workers the highest. To make new freelancers understand, they also provide learning segments.

Remote Bliss

The Remote Bliss website is a great help for companies by searching for talented remote peasants while helping the efficient workers find well-paid projects.

Well, all types of traditional freelance market benefits are found here. The system to find work is also the same here, you need to connect yourself with companies by approaching them, and you have the right to fix your rate.

Amazon Mturk

We suggest this subsidiary freelance market place of Amazon because this well-known brand is already famous for its ethics and being trustworthy.

Professional web designers amazingly make the user interface. The projects are called HIT because all the projects they have highly required human involvement.

Although the payment rate is lower than other freelance industries, the advantage you will get here is never going out of projects.


On this website, your earnings will depend on the type of job you’re in. It is perfect for technological jobs to do from anywhere, including home.

Many well-renowned and trusted companies work with the workers of Remotive. No matter with which company you work, you will get your payment just in time.

The only downside of this website is it charges $49 annually as its subscription fee.


Are you a transcriber or closed captioner? If you are, this can be your favorite platform to earn from. For every audio or video, you can make up to 0.75 dollars.

You can log in at any time, and you will always find hundreds of projects regarding transcription and closed captioning.

You can start working right away after you are finished making a profile without being charged. At first, the rate is $0.30 per audio or video, but as time passes, your rate will increase.

Working Nomads

If you are a nomad and need projects that you can handle, Working Nomads will help you find them. From anywhere in the world, you can join them and start working on projects available there.

The website has an amazing and unique process, but you need to subscribe to that. It’s an email subscription through which projects are delivered to you.

Another good thing we like about them is they secure your parents before you handover your projects.

Remote okay

If you are good with programming and coding or can design web and software, you should start freelancing on Remote okay from today.

Because they have offered all the legit projects which pay you very well, you can earn over $100k in just one year. Big companies like Komoot and Doximity are also working with them.

The available remote jobs there are more than 40 thousand. The only requirement you need to fulfill to join them is to have some experience working where you are going to work.

Appen Butler Hill

This unique freelancing marketplace offers different categorized remote jobs from simple transcribing to heavy works like programming and web designing from among the whole world.

Also, here you will be paid much higher than anywhere else. The starting payment is from 12 dollars, which increases and can go up to 25 dollars per hour.

Your experience and skills will make finding clients easy. It’s an authorized freelance company where you will never get out of chances to get projects.

Hubstaff Talent

Recently this company is gathering massive popularity on social media because you can find not only remote jobs but also freelance works globally.

What makes it a more straightforward way to find a job is its user interface. The interface is so organized that you can choose your hourly rate by yourself and search by type of job.

People need to give subscription fees, but from 2021 they have announced making it free to use for everyone.

Virtual Vocations

This will be helpful for those who want to get paid depending on the standards of industries. You will see thousands of project options right after making a profile there.

To attract more clients with your experience and skills, you can upload and keep updating your resume on your profile.

The only problem with it is you will be charged 15.99 dollars every month for or another way is to buy the six-month subscription for 59.99 dollars.


A well-established company that hires people globally as social evaluators or transcribers. This company has its own 47 offices around the world.

The Lionbridge got on the top companies that provide transcription jobs and services legally. To become a transcriber or social evaluator, you will have to go through questions and answers and then upload your latest curriculum vitae.

After your selection is made, the suited projects for you will automatically come to you as a suggestion. The basic running wage a freelancer is getting there is $15 per hour.

Cross over

Day by day it’s expanding, and now in the present, this company has established 98 offices in the world. The service system is very satisfying to both the clients and workers.

It also helps new remote workers to get projects from big industries. Here skills matter more than anything. The company is still working hard to bring more newly categorized projects.

It’s a perfect place for freelancing because projects will never run out of your options.


Have you ever heard of a company that manages projects within some minutes for its workers? If the answer is no, we will introduce a company named Jobspresso, where workers find their preferred project just in some minutes.

The amazing part of this company is different category jobs. Any job like content writing, technology jobs, project management, telemarketing, and so much more.

You will never have to think about your payment because they will pay you very fast and with security.


This great company is earning name respect for the genuine job service they provide. The payment was also set following the current standards of industries.

A large group of clients is waiting daily to look for workers. But there’s a different matter, and that is where you are not offered projects directly.

Instead, this is a listing site where nongovernment and non-profit companies are searching for remote workers worldwide. But don’t worry, once you made a profile, you will then contact clients by yourself.


Pangian is another great company where you will be offered anywhere jobs based on your experience. It is also providing virtual training for beginners.

The filter system is available to make finding projects easier. You are sure to face no trouble understanding your client or project because a training session is given with your end client every time. All the works here only prefer you to have an internet connection and a laptop.


It’s the only company among all the other mentioned companies that provides ladies remote works from emerging industries worldwide. It thinks of women’s facilities so that they can work from home with freedom and earn enough.

The opportunity doesn’t end in just finding jobs. Females can also connect themselves with the industry leaders via PowerToFly.

They also let ladies join a virtual career fair. So if you are female, this can be a big opportunity for you to get a permanent job.

Final Words

This modern generation is searching for more modern job solutions, like working from home while earning a lot. With the growth of technology, new opportunities are coming to us.

We must keep ourselves up to date and grab the perfect one for us. We bring you such useful content every time that helps guide you through the process of earning cash.

If you liked any one of the ideas of ours, start working from today and also don’t forget to read more of the articles we posted because the knowledge has no limitations.