20 Jobs You Can Do On The Side

Sometimes the money we get from a full-time job is not enough to return debts or paying lots of bills, or we can’t just fulfill some little dreams of going on a trip or buying something expensive.

So, we need a side job which we can do in our free time that pay us well. To solve your money problem, we have come with 20 side jobs to do in your free time while doing a full-time job.

Know about all the side jobs we are about to tell you and decide which one to start from today to make extra money. We won’t take more time, let’s start to know about them.

Start Blogging

You can take blogging as a side job because it’s a side job that becomes a passive income source. A blogger can earn more or less than $5000-$10000 every month easily.

You just need a website of your own to publish blogs. Now, if you can’t make a website by yourself, you can get it through a programmer anytime. This really works well to make lots of extra money for anyone.

Become a Writer

If you have a passion for writing, then this side job is perfect for you. You can write anywhere if you have the talent for totally explaining things.

These days people start writing online first. You can write on your timeline first and gather some followers.

When you are famous, you can publish books, bringing you not only money but also respect from everywhere.

Content Writing

Content writing is a profession where you need two things to be qualified to start writing. The first is knowledge, and the second is the ability to explain things.

You can start any type of content writing. There are many writing types, like informative articles, review articles, technical writings, social media writings, and many more.

There are websites where writers get contracts from companies and brands to write about their products or services. Websites like Fiverr, Upwork are the place from where you can earn through writing.

Virtual Bookkeeper

Virtual Bookkeepers record the financial transactions of small businesses. When you come home from your job and are free after doing other works, you can do this work on your computer.

This work can bring you $60 every hour! If you use 3 hours of your day means you can make $180 every single day! This side job can make you rich sooner if you save the money.

Now, if you want to learn about bookkeeping, then you can join a course where you are taught how you can be a Bookkeeper.

T-shirt Designer

If you have a great sense of fashion, you can design t-shirts and then sell them to customers. When you have a passion for fashion, you will love designing, and it won’t take much of your time.

The good thing is when people notice you for your fashionable designs, the demand for your t-shirts will rise, and so you can become a successful business person along with doing a full-time job.

About the money, it depends on how much you cost the customers to pay for your creation.


A transcriber is a person who listens to audio files and records them on the computer by typing. You can choose this one if you can hear things clearly and have patience too.

We mentioned patience here because it’s a work where you continuously listen to audio and type along with it. You can either work under a company or start up your own transcribe business.

This job can bring you $7-21$ only in one hour. This amount is enough as side money. A transcriber does not need any experience. At any time, anyone can join as a worker or start a business.


Seeing grammar mistakes if you get cringed, you are perfect to become a proofreader. A proofreader’s work is to only read with focus and find out errors in writings.

If you are a usual person who reads books and finds errors, you have a bright future in this sector. A professional proofreader can earn almost $5000 in a year. You can learn proofreading from doing a course to start as a pro.

Become A Seller On Amazon

Amazon is the biggest online market place and a place where you can earn some extra side money.

The FBA program of Amazon will help you gain money by selling your old products like clothes and bed sheets if you have not used them much and styled them a bit differently.

Many people literally made this a full-time job, and the money comes enough to make a living. There is a seven days email course on it from where you can have a complete idea.

Flip Items

A guy named Rob worked in the Flea Market Flipper and earned $130,000 just by flipping items. You can flip from flea markets and thrift stores.

You should be happy knowing you don’t need a lot of money to start this. Rob told his students they can start with $20 only.

This can bring you a profit of $100, and you can after use some more money from your profit. There’s a free workshop going on by Rob where he teaches the students how they can start.

Virtual Assistant

You know you are perfect for making this job as a side one if you have various skills like managing social media, data entry, graphics designing, editing, researching, etc.

A beginner virtual assistant earns 25 dollars per hour to work. The experienced one charge over 100 dollars to work for an hour.

 You can’t imagine how much money you can make extra by doing this job daily for 2,3 hours by staying at your home.

Become An English Online Teacher

English is an international language, so the demand for learning English is increasing day by day in China to expand their businesses or let their people study abroad.

So they are creating online schools where people who are good at English and grammar can teach Chinese students aged between 5-12 years online. You can earn $25-$100 every hour by working with those online academies.

Be A Real Estate Agent

Real estate agents work for both companies and people. They help a company to find customers and people to find a house just as they want.

A real estate agent needs no special skills but just a certificate. You can work from either office or at home.

This side job is very profitable because you can earn thousands of dollars to sell one apartment or land. A real estate agent earns a commission from the company and its customers.

Start Your Own Cleaning Business

To be honest, if you start this business you don’t need to go to people’s houses and do cleaning, you will just sit and earn via the staff you will hire.

Start by buying some equipment and hiring 3,4 staffs. You will talk with the customers to whom you will provide the service, and when your workers are done doing the cleaning you are the one to get paid, but of course, don’t forget to pay the staff.

Sell Your Created Printables

Another best side job can be creating and selling printables. The best part of this is you make one printable, which can bring you money constantly.

Many people, especially women, take it as their part-time job and earn 500-1000 dollars per month.

For them, this has become a way to make passive income. After doing a full-time job, you can still manage time every day to create and sell the printables.

Take Surveys And Get Paid

It’s nothing impossible, although it may seem, you can make money from $300-$500 in a month by doing just surveys.

The young generation, already busy with their studies, is taking part in answering online surveys and making enough money for hanging out with friends or paying bills.

. Many online websites have started this long ago, and already many people got benefitted by earning. Most of their payment methods are also cool. Either you are paid through your bank account or PayPal account.

Make Money By Watching Videos

It’s true, so many online companies are paying off millions of people for watching videos and ads on their websites or apps.

Some of them provide points which you first gather an amount and later convert into cash, and some send you direct cash or check.

You will feel relaxed or funny watching them because all the posts are interesting videos. This can be a way to relax and also to earn.

Graphics Designing

Graphics designing is now highly appreciated and demanding side jobs. However, pro graphics designers take this job as full time and make their living from the money that comes.

If you have the experience to use adobe illustrator, adobe creative cloud, then you can start to work as a graphic designer from today. A graphic designer has the freedom to charge money all by themselves.

You can charge starting from $25, and the more you gain experience, the more you can get higher your rate for working per hour. Go for a course if you want to learn and earn.

Do Photography

We want to let you know if you love doing photography, taking great pictures, becoming a photographer, and making it your side job.

You will find many websites that are interested in purchasing amazing photos of photographers.

You can take a chance and start selling your clicked aesthetic and beautiful photos to those online website companies. Also, you can learn from taking classes to start your photography with the touch of pro hands.

Lose Weight And Gain Money

Finally, a favorite work to do for those who cannot work for being overweighted. Yes, you have read it right because more than one online company pays people to lose weight.

You can be rewarded over 10 thousand dollars, and the HealthyWage company is ready to pay you.

You will definitely love this lose weight get paid job because the first thing is there’s no competition or position and the second thing is you are paid very well.

Play Games To Earn Cash

Last but not list this side job is for you if you love playing games. Online websites like Survey Junkie, Swagbucks are giving money to the members who use their website or app and play there daily.

You can get up to $300 every month by only playing games there. This is not the end. You can get more money by reading their emails or searching for their web.

They send you your money on the PayPal account every month.

Final Thoughts

There are plenty more side jobs available to do, and if you have more interest to know about them, go check more of our related articles.

Remember one thing doing any of the side jobs mentioned can bring that extra money only if you sincerely work with patience because nothing comes right away, not even money.