19 Business Ideas For Woman That Pay Well

Having the right business idea is essential for making it a source of income. Women have household chores to do, take care of the family, and earn by themselves. Some of the ladies’ ideas don’t work because those are not explored.

Some face confusion with the ideas because they don’t know precisely what the consequences will be? Hence we thought to make everything clear through our article where we will give the exact concept of all the ideas we will mention.

In our list, we gave many ideas you can do from home while keeping in mind a woman’s other responsibilities. We should now start to tell you because you are about to get surprised, seeing all these simple ideas.


We are giving this idea the number one priority because once you have become a blogger, the income never ends.

If you are looking for a business that will bring you a passive income, this is perfect for you. You can do blogging from your home and on your website.

If you don’t own a website, you should have one to start blogging. A blogger’s income is enormous. Once the blogging has begun, there’s no going back from earning money.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is a process to get a percentage of the profit of a company’s product by advertising it.

Simply choose a product, then promote the products through your website, social media, and earn some percentage of the profit when the product is sold with your contribution.

There are many ongoing programs on affiliate marketing that will help you gain more knowledge about how it works and start earning from now.

Freelance Writing

If you have the talent in writing, why don’t you become a freelance writer? A freelance writer is one who creates texts which companies need, and they go on contracts.

It means you don’t have to work under anybody you work with clients. These days becoming a freelance writer is not a hard job. You have plenty of opportunities available to start. By doing this job, you can make $24000-$115,000 a year for real.


A woman who loves to read and can catch errors like grammatical, typographical, punctuation, spelling, formatting, etc., is qualified for the job.

This job is perfect for moms because they can sit and read in relaxation after doing all the tiring household chores while finding mistakes from the book or text.

A proofreader’s salary is counted per hour. For each hour they work, $25-$44 is paid to them.


Bookkeeping is a work when you have to record the financial transactions of small businesses. The business holders that you work with will pay you per hour.

A woman can even do this job in her free time. Yearly your earnings can vary from $54-$60 thousand. You can work with one, two, or more companies depending on how much time you can give for the work.

This can be an easy job because you just sit on the computer and record the transactions to get paid, nothing you have to create. A bookkeeping course is also available for your knowledge.

Become Influencer On Social Media

A social Media Influencer can earn from hundreds to thousands of dollars, depending on their followers. Social media is free to make money by doing different things like blogging, affiliate marketing.

If you have become one, you should get a website for yourself for blogging and promote products or services there through writing or putting advertisements.

Every time followers of you see the advertisement or buy your promoted product, and you get money.

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Start Vlogging

Have you already seen many people’s vlogs on YouTube, didn’t you? If you like to catch and keep your lovely moments of cooking with family, outing with friends, or playing with kids different games; therefore, you can create vlogs and become a vlogger on youtube.

A vlogger’s ability to earn money varies on the followers. The more followers, the more money. Create a different account on youtube to post short, interesting videos daily, and gain cash through Youtubing.

Selling On Amazon

Amazon is a well known international online market where buying and selling of items is a vital thing. If you don’t have much money to invest in the business, you still have another way.

We all have old items that we don’t use but are useful for someone else. Resell such products on amazon and become an entrepreneur.

The profit you gain from there can help start-up new more businesses, and thus you can keep earning without worrying. Amazon is best for starting a profitable online business.

Life Coach

Well, life coaching can be a passionate job for people who enjoy helping others. The help is all about relaxing people from their stress.

We sometimes need somebody by our side when a mental or physical breakdown is going on. Such persons need life coaches to overcome those difficult situations.

Although it sounds like something you don’t understand, you will course often learn from you. After you get a certificate, you can charge people from 70-260 dollars.


If you are patient to listen to audios with focus, congratulations, you have work to do and earn cash easily.

Become a company’s transcriber and listen to the audio files they give you, record everything you heard by typing on a computer, and charge money for working per hour.

5,6 hours of daily work can bring you almost $75-$90 every day. That is a huge amount to earn daily and of course when the month ends you will have lots of money in your bank account.


Unlike all other jobs, photography is not boring. People usually do photography as a hobby. If photography is your hobby too, you can make this your identity and job.

Photographers make money in various ways; they click photos of occasions or families and are also paid to sell their pictures to websites, magazines, etc.

A photographer can put advertisements on his website and thus can make more money by affiliate marketing.

Online Tutor

An online tutor teaches one or more students from home through the internet. To start the business, you need great knowledge on at least one topic. Students can study with you from your country or from abroad.

As an online tutor, you are free to charge whatever you want. The starting rate can be 25-30 dollars an hour. If you go popular among the students and parents, you can charge them even more.

Making Cakes

You will see lots of pages on Facebook where the owner sells only cakes. Cakes can be usual, beautifully designed, or customized.

Customized cakes are popular these days, and the cake makers are making much money by starting this business because every day there are birthdays in towns.

If making cakes is loved by you, try this business out. Once you reach many followers, you can even start a course to teach others to make cakes and earn extra money.

Health Carer

The number of old people is rising day by day, and such people need care at that age. You can start the business by yourself first.

You can become a health carer for older people. After gaining some experience, you can hire more people under you and provide them with a job.

The older people will be benefitted, and you will get profits all the time. When this becomes your full-time business, the money will keep coming. Remember, one business can bring more chances to establish more business.

Wedding Planner

A wedding planner’s yearly earning is almost 41 thousand US dollars. To start up this business, you need some employees. If you don’t have enough money for investment, then take the help of your friends.

Don’t forget to manage the timeline for you and the team because different people have different wedding traditions.

You are all ready to earn great after making a portfolio of having few contracts. You can also publish your client’s list online to increase your demand and show your experience.

Fitness Trainer

If you’re an exercise lover, a fitness trainer job will work amazingly for you. Bring on some exercise machines, make a room where you can bring students and become their fitness trainer.

What else can be greater than this business? This helps you in both earning money and keeping yourself fit. However, you need a certificate before you become a personal trainer.

The exercise session might not bring money to make you rich initially, but with time, you will eventually find more students. A fitness trainer earns 10-50 US dollars per hour.

Stock Trading

In a simple sentence, a stock trader trades stock shares by buying or selling. If you want to make a living from the money you get via stock trading, you continuously need to make profits.

This was built to connect the buyers and sellers who trade the company’s shares. A stock trader can sometimes be hugely profited or sometimes less profited. Based on annual reports, it is seen that stock traders can make $42000 to 1,32000 a year.

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Daycare Center

Well, if you’re a woman, this can be your favorite business to make a living from. Daycare is the institution where infants are taken care of and supervised on day times.

This way you can help parents to go and work in their offices. If you have a love for children, do an in-home daycare business. Your amount of money may vary for the location, but usually, a daycarer charges 30 dollars for each day.

This way, you get 600 USD from every child individually. If you take care of 10 children, it brings you 6000 USD, and that gives you enough money to hire some people under you.

Create App

If you’re a programmer, no matter male or female, you can make an app of your idea and have earnings from it. For women’s passive income, an app can be the source.

But don’t be sad if you have no idea about programming if you still have amazing ideas for new applications, which can help get a programmer and make that application with his help.

You will pay him a decent amount, but you can make over thousands of dollars in a year if your application gets the attention. You don’t get to work hard, even a little. All just you do is producing a good idea for a new app.


We are keeping a target to help people find at least one way to earn by themselves. And so we write most articles on business and ways of making money.

We hope you found our article helpful and you also can decide which one to choose for your business. Stay with us and read more of our articles to know other business ideas we have for you.