15 Work From Home Jobs

Are you facing difficulties to find a suitable job to do from home? If you are, you should know it’s not you alone who is finding a secured and legit job that can be done from home. Today competition is everywhere, but in the online world, you always have the chance to make money.

If there’s no way out, look into the online modes. But be sure of earning all by yourself. You may think of ways to earn from home. That’s why we are here to tell you about it.

There are many ways to make money online, but among all those, we brought you 15 legitimate works.

We have talked about varieties of works to be done by anyone from home, and assure you of your earnings if you do any of the works we are about to share with you. Here are 15 easy yet profitable jobs you can do from home.

Become Online Writer

You can start being a writer online at any time. However, you need to have a passion for writing. You can start writing blogs from your social media, and when you are sure that you have become professional, go, and create a website.

On your website, you can write about anything that attracts readers. When you gathered enough followers, you can now show advertisements on your website or promote companies and brands’ products. For promoting their products, they will pay you.

When a reader buys something from that specific company or brand from the link you shared on the website, and you can make more extra money. That’s how you can make thousands of dollars every month.


Proofreading is a work where you find the grammatical errors of writings. Many people do this job part-time because it doesn’t take much of your time, and it also needs a little effort. The work is simple, but the money you make by doing it is great.

Many proofreaders make $100-$300 a month and $5000_$100000 a year. That’s huge and insane! To start as a professional, you can join a course and learn from there.

There’s an online introductory workshop where you can join for free and learn to do proofreading. You will love your job if you like to read books.

Virtual Bookkeeping

This job is perfect for moms because the time they can make after doing all the household chores is enough to continue the job.

Virtual bookkeeping means you have to keep the financial records of transactions of small businesses. To start work, you need no experience. Just you need the skills required, and you’re ready to make money.

If you don’t know how to do the job, you can involve yourself with a course. An online course is going on already where bookkeeping is taught. By doing this job only, you become able to make $2000 at least every month.

Virtual Assistant

Becoming a virtual assistant means you enter the online job sector, and you are earning a significant amount daily from the beginning.

Trust us; this is a truth that you may not have know. A beginner virtual assistant can earn 25 dollars per hour every day.

Your demand will keep on rising with your increased experience. An experienced virtual assistant is paid $100 for working per hour if you become one, you can not imagine how quickly you can become rich.

Although there are specific requirements, you need to fulfill to apply as a virtual assistant. You need some skills like managing social media, graphics designing, researching, editing, writing, or duties of administration.

 If you are confident of fulfilling all the requirements, you are qualified already to start from today.


If you are a patient person who can hear records for a long time, then this could be your type of work!

Transcribing means you need to listen to the audio files given to you and record them on the computer by typing. You can do this job also from home.

A transcriber can earn from 7 dollars to 25 dollars per hour. It’s a decent salary for beginners. Of course, as time passes, your income will increase. You can do a course on this so that you have the qualifications to apply for the job.

Start Blogging

Blogging is the perfect way to make a passive income from home. It doesn’t require many things either. You just need to have the creativity within you. You earn through writing blogs on different things.

At first, bloggers can’t make much money, but with time going on, they gain more experience, become more professional, and earn more money.

You need a website where you can write. If you already know how to create a website, then it’s a plus point and if you don’t, then get somebody to make one for you.

A blogger can earn between $2000-$10000 a month by having visitors, promoting advertisements, and doing affiliate marketing through writing. A blogger never goes out of money.

Teach English From Home

With the blessings of the internet, almost every work is becoming perfect to do from home. Teaching is also one.

For those who are very good at English, we have great news, and that is many Chinese academic institutions are waiting for you to join them as an English teacher to teach their young students.

The only requirement you need is the citizenship of either the United States or Canada. You can earn every month 3 thousand dollars by being a teacher at ‘VIPKID.’

The beautiful part about being a teacher here is when the parents notice you, and they keep you as a private tutor for at least six months. Thus you can make a lot of money with them by working for a few hours.

Reselling Online

We think this business is too much simple to develop and very much profitable to make money from. We all have some items that we used very little, and those are still okay to be used.

Many people buy such items, and you can sell your old clothes or other used things by bringing some little changes to them.

For example, if you a t-shirt of blue color only you can sell it to someone else by putting some artistic works on it like a painting.

You can also change the whole dress by adding or removing parts if you have a good sense of fashion. When people start to like your designs and products, it will automatically sell out.

You can’t count how much money you can make by this business when you start having profits; it will be more than enough. You can take a free course of 7 days via email to learn how to start.

Make Money By Using Some Apps

If you are a lazy person and do not want to earn by the professional ways, there’s no problem with it.

You can make money no matter you have skills or have not. You don’t need any experience but just your smartphone, internet and a little bit of patience.

PinCone Research

Many online websites and applications are available which pay people for joining them and completing some tasks there.

Those websites are legit, and the tasks are straightforward to assemble, such as watching videos, playing games, answering surveys, searching the web, reading emails, and partaking in contests.

Some websites give you points, but the points can be redeemed for money, and some directly send the cash into your bank account or the PayPal account.

Online Tutor

Previously we talked about teaching English only, but it’s not the only subject that’s on-demand. Many other subjects related to science and commerce are also demanding.

Nowadays, due to the situation created by covid-19 students from many countries are failing to go to school and learn daily.

So they require tutors who will keep teaching them online and help them to complete the syllabus.

Becoming a tutor doesn’t ask for you to be nerdy. If you have enough knowledge on a certain subject and can explain and teach it, you are all qualified for the job.

Become Real Estate Agent

You need no special qualification for being a real estate agent. If you’re good at communication and you can explain also can attract buyers, then you can sell some apartments or lands.

But yes, it might require a certificate. A real estate agent earns and helps people find a suitable habitat for them and help a company get money after selling their apartments.

You get to earn a lot here because you can make more than 18000 dollars within eight months.

You can easily create a happy living with the salary you get, and over that, the bonus will be added to your salary as an extra payment when you have successfully sold one apartment or land.

Life Coach

Do you want to earn by teaching people a lavish lifestyle? This is possible because many people are taking this as their job, and they are getting an okay amount of cash with their coaching. Make 6 or 7 figures and become a life coach.

The cash depends on your course. If the course is 1-to-1, the salary will be enough, but if you teach group-wise, then huge earnings will come to you after the month ends.

Also, you are the one to decide how much to fix as a rate. As a beginner, you can fix the rate of $47 per hour.

When you are much more popular and experienced, you can take $297 also for every hour. If you are clueless about this and want to know in detail, you can get yourself joined into a course.

Start Freelancing

The people of the present timing mostly depend on freelancing. As freelancers are free to offer what they have got, it becomes easier for them to get to work with clients or companies with the help of websites like Fiverr, Upwork.

If you have any skills from graphics designing, web designing, logo making, content writing, data entry, etc., you can start freelancing from today.

When you are a freelancer, you are don’t work under somebody. You sell your offers and become a contractor. The young people are loving this way of making money because it’s much effortless and very profitable.

Create Application

This can become your source of passive income. Millions of people download free applications that are attractive and useful if the application works well. Now there’s nothing to worry about if you can’t make one by yourself.

You can get a programmer hired and tell him your idea. The programmer will do the rest. When your application is made, you can upload it to app stores. If your idea is crazy or fabulous, you are obviously going to get hugely rich all of a sudden.

When popularity hits your creation, the money will come every single day. You have no more work then. You just sit and enjoy the money that comes.

Become An Influencer

An influencer is somebody who is the brand all by him/herself. Though it will cost you your time and hard works at the beginning, after some months, when you make many followers, you are ready to earn daily.

Brands and companies will contact you to promote their products and services. When you do it, you get paid.

Also, you get more money when your followers buy products from that particular brand or take benefits from that specific company you promoted.

Later, when you have done gathering followers like 20 thousand or more, you can start affiliate marketing as well from your account or page.

This will bring you even more money, and you might begin to earning $1000 a day. We recommend Instagram positively to start your journey of becoming an influencer.

Final Words

Just like we said, we discussed with you 15 ways to earn from home. You have read the whole article, and now you know many of them can be started today.

 It’s not a fact if you have skills or not because we found the ways of keeping on the mind, different people have different skills.

If any of the ideas match your skills or requirements that were asked, you are allowed to apply or start from now. We also told you about some courses that you can join to learn if you are interested in.

Also, read articles more on our website to know other exciting and simple ways to make money from home or business ideas.