15 high paying stay at home jobs

In this modern era of the internet and AI, you can earn from anywhere, even from your home as well. We believe, you already know that, right? However, for getting a high-paying stay at home job, you have to be skilled and artistic mind as well.

So, if you are ready to work hard and make money from your home, then here, we have a list of 15 high paying stay at home jobs for you.

Working for home is a tough decision as there are many distractions available, but if you want to work hard while jumping over all the hurdles, this article will give you a clear vision, and maybe you’ll be landing a job asap.

15 high paying stay at home jobs

In this section, you’ll get the ultimate list of 15 high-paying stays at home jobs. However, we would like to remind you again that this job requires skill, hard work, and consistency.

Even if you have no talent, you can still choose one career and learn all the skills the job requires. So, if you thought you could earn by doing nothing, then this might not be the right place for you.

So, here is the following list of 15 high paying stay at home jobs-

Web designer and developer

Do you know how to design or develop a website or both? If you understand and good at this, then you can make a fortune with this skill. Often web design and development and software companies hire web designers and developers.

Most of the company requires a computer-based degree for these sorts of jobs, but if you are skilled and know how to work, you can also land a high-paying job.

Don’t have any prior web development or design skill? Don’t worry; you can still learn and get certified from platforms like Udemy, Lynda, and so on!


Interpreter, as known as a translator, interpreter earns a lot of money with their multilingual skill. They work for translating documents, books, podcasts, or sometimes works as a translator in meetings.

A skilled interpreter has the possibility of earning thousands of dollars a month even from home. So, if you are skilled in multiple languages, why don’t you try this?

Sales Representative

A sales job does not mean a field job; you can also work as a sales representative from your home if you know how to sell.

Selling skill is one of the most unbeatable skills that can make millions of fortunes. How to work as a sales representative from home?

In that case, you must collect or make an audience list of your niche. Suppose you are selling sneakers, then you should have a list of people who are interested in Sneakers.

Even if you don’t have a w list, consider building one. Now, approach them with an excellent presentation through email or on social media, and if you have phone numbers, try cold calling as well.

Almost all the f-commerce and software companies offer remote sales representative jobs, or you can try affiliate marketing too.

Customer Service Executive

In this modern world now, you can work as a customer service executive from anywhere. To be a customer service executive, you need good communication skill and organizational skills as well.

As a customer service executive, you’ll be receiving customer’s phone calls and assist customers with their problems. Working as a customer service executive requires patience and the ability to learn new terms and software programs.

You will get plenty of jobs for customer service executive positions in Indeed.com, Monster.com, and in other platforms as well.

Graphic Designer

Graphic designing is one of the most creative and artistic ways to earn money. It requires software skills like photoshop, illustrator skills, and an artistic mind. This innovative position is one of the high-paying jobs and can be done remotely.

As a graphic designer, you may need to create logos, advertisement materials and marketing materials, and so on! Also, you should know how to edit photos.

Nowadays, every business, marketing agency, photography agency, and designing firm looks for a graphic designer and pays well. So, if you are blessed with an artistic mind, why don’t you try it for yourself?

Marketing consultant/specialist

Are you good with marketing? Can you create actionable plans that can help businesses to grow? If the answer to all these questions goes with you, then being a marketing consultant can help you to land a high-paying home job.

In order to work as a marketing consultant, you may need a degree in marketing or business administration. Even if you don’t have a degree, you should have certification in a marketing related field and experience to land a job.

As you already know, marketing has so many aspects. As a marketing consult/strategist, you may need to create an actionable marketing plan (offline and online or both) and track execution progress.

If you don’t have a degree and still want to work as a marketing specialist, we would suggest you take courses on digital marketing, SEO, advertisement, and so on!

Recruiting Manager

Do you have the eye to find talents and perfect workers? If you have then worked as a recruiting manager can help you to make a good wealth every month. It’s an ideal job for those who have a degree in HR (human resource) or business administration.

In order to be a recruiting manager, you need a sharp eye to find deserving candidates. You may need to work on all these aspects, from checking profiles, interviewing to onboarding a new employee, and working on all these aspects.

If you have previous experience or a degree, then you should try your luck for this position.


Working as an accountant is one of the most prestigious jobs anyone can get. If you have any degree or certification in accounting, working as an accountant from home can make you enough money like another accountant who works at offices.

In an accountant position, you have to take care of the company’s financial record, merge bank statements, process transactions, prepare reports, handle taxation, and so on! In this position, you have to provide full support to the company’s account department.

Also, you can work as a bookkeeper and earn a decent amount of money every month. A bookkeeper mostly records the company’s financial transactions.

You can quickly get hired as a bookkeeper if you know how to do it, and or else you can learn it by taking a course.

However, bookkeeper and accountant aren’t the same! So, the paying level isn’t the same, either.

Data Entry Expert

Data entry jobs are one of the high-paying o jobs even as a beginner. It’s a well-known freelance and remote job you can get.

In order to be a data entry expert, you need good typing speed, sharp eyes, and Microsoft Office software skills. As a data entry expert, the tasks are easy, but it requires attention and keen eyes.

In order to establish your career as a data entry expert, we will advise you to sharpen your skills and learn more and, after that, apply for low-paid jobs to gather some experience.

After that, bid for big projects and apply for permanent positions as a data entry expert in companies. One more thing, all these are possible from your home!

Virtual Assistant

Are you good at administrative tasks? Well, that’s fall, a virtual assistant need! A virtual assistant may need to organize all the administrative tasks.

It can be like responding to customer/clients’ calls and emails, scheduling appointments, planning events, and inviting, contacting other employees to know about project growth, and so on!

Also, some company requires VA’s to hire freelancers as well. Undoubtedly, the job of a virtual assistant pays a decent amount of money. Even experienced virtual assistant charges up to $100/hour.


Do you catch grammatical errors and typos while reading? Can you make an existing copy more engaging? If your answers are yes, then you can start your career as a proofreader.

There are so many proofreading jobs available online. Depending on your skill and experience, and performance, you can earn good enough as well.

However, most of the big projects and the high-paying job requires a degree in English or journalism. It’s not mandatory. Taking good courses and an eye-catching portfolio with experience can still help you to get in.

If you don’t have a degree and haven’t taken any courses, consider taking a certification course before applying for a job.

Freelance Writers

Do you love to write? Can you create content that can attract readers to read more! If yes, then you can make a fortune as a freelance writer.

Freelance writers have the independence to work from anywhere and earn money. The writer gets paid on a word basis.

A beginner writer who can deliver quality content can make up to $15 for a thousand words. Expert charges up to $1 per word.

However, to earn more, you have to make lucrative samples and gather experience so that you can apply for high-paying jobs.

 Also, consider taking courses to learn more! Keep it in your mind, the more you learn, the more you earn. So, what are you waiting for? Start building your portfolio as a writer today!


Tutors are those who help us to study; it’s a high-paying, respective, and noble profession. If you are good at any subject and can teach it to others, you can make money. How?

You can take classes at your house, and you can charge students on a weekly or monthly, or lesson basis. Also, you can teach online and generate a smart income out of it.

Well, we aren’t only talking about an academic subject. It can be anything, mostly your forte. It can be a musical instrument or cooking class, or another language class.

Suppose you have no prior skill, still no worries! You can always make money by teaching people your native language. There are so many platforms available where you can teach a language and learn up to $50/hour.

Also, you can create courses on something that you are good at and sell them online. People are making millions as a course seller. Why can’t you?

In-house childcare

Do you love to be around kids? Can you handle a child? If you are, then you can start an in-house childcare today!

In this case, you will be charging for each child on a daily/weekly/monthly basis? Most of the time, the charge depends on the location and facilities you are providing.

Still, it’s an excellent way to make thousands of dollars a month. How much can you charge? In the beginning, you can charge $250 weekly or 900-1000$ monthly.

Makeup Artist

Well, working as a makeup artist can seriously make you a fortune! You don’t have to work in the parlor or a beauty salon. You can start at your home.

Before starting professionally, consider taking courses and participating in training programs, and learning about sensitive skins.

After that, get some high-quality makeup items and follow makeup trends and get some photoshoots for your portfolio. Also, be regular on social media. It is a great way to get new clients.

So, if you love makeup, don’t miss the opportunity to turn it into a profession. You can also earn a smart amount of money as a makeup artist, even while working at home.


We believe our list of 15 high paying stay at home job list has helped you find the best job! If it does, don’t forget to let us know in the comment section below!

Working from home and still having a high-paying job is possible only if you want to work hard and learn new skills.

Remember, these jobs don’t scam. You’ll be making money at the price of your skill, time, and hard work. So, even if you have skills, start learning and hustling from today.