13 Simple Ways To Make An Extra $200/Day

Most of us love to earn some extra money from other sources like online. The more we can make, the more we can spend. Now, don’t think I am kidding you.

Aren’t you still believing? Then read our whole article where you will know how you can earn extra 200 dollars per day in just 13 simple ways that ask for you to have a single specialized skill.

Nielsen Computer & Mobile Panel

If you are one of those, who love to browse the internet t then you better hurry and install this to get $50 every year from their consumer panel.

All you need to do is keep their app installed on your devices for the whole year, and they are bound to pay you $50 for keeping it.

No matter how many years you continue having the app installed, they will pay you 50 dollars every single year.


This one is a real deal because by signing up, earning money is the starting here. Earn $5 for just signing up and then make more money by watching videos of cooking and animals.

Or another easy way is to take part in surveys. You can get 40 dollars for doing each survey. It means five surveys can get you 200 dollars!


This is a website where you can usually shop online, but the best thing about this is it will give you $25 every time someone signs up to their website through your referral link.

Also, when you sign up the first time, they will pay you $10. So you should sign up here for making both earning money and shopping online.


Fiverr is the most secured website where you can easily make money by offering your services.

At first, you need to sell your freelancing services at $5, but later, after gaining more experience, you can charge higher prices like $10, $15.


This company is being in existence since 2000 and is trusted. The fantastic thing about this company is it has already given 10 million dollars to its participants.

This company will pay you 5 dollars for signing up only, and then it will pay you more depending on how many videos you watch there or how many surveys you do. It even pays you for searching on the internet.

Vindale Research

This excellent website will give you 2 dollars when you fill the profile, and then it will provide you with options to choose where you can earn money by surveying up to dollars 50.


Trim is a cool online app that lets you save money more or less than $200. Saving money is like making money because it comes back to you anyway.

This app will help you to unsubscribe those subscriptions you don’t need also finds your insurance better. Your financial accounts need to be connected to the app, and that’s enough.

Survey Junkie

This survey website is 100% trusted and can get you at least 10 dollars per survey. Join group discussions or try some promotional products to earn even more.

Global Test Market

Another trustworthy online survey company that will pay you money is Global Test Market. They’ve been paying for online surveys since 1999 and gave almost 30 million dollars.

By doing surveys there, you will get points, which can be redeemed for getting money through PayPal Cash.

Harris Poll Online

This one is also giving you money for doing their surveys and joining different group discussions.


If you have a personal car and want to make money from that by doing almost nothing, contact Getaround to rent out your car. They will pay you money for renting out your car, and you will enjoy getting money from home.


It’s the world’s largest and trustworthy car-sharing company were, like the previous one, you can rent your car and get paid a significant amount of money.


This is a Chinese tutoring firm where you can teach English to the Chinese kids, and for teaching them, you will be paid $20 – $24 per hour. If you are interested in teaching and making money, then you must have this app.

Final Words

When you have so many chances to gain extra dollars, you better not be late taking some from these chances.

If you feel like you want to earn more like this, then read more of our articles because we have discussed such easy ways to gain money that you never knew.