10 Mega Apps To Make Money Super Quick

These days we all are facing the crisis of getting a job. At this critical time, online became the best way to earn you some money. So are you, too, looking for easy opportunities to make money online?

If your answer is yes, then we are here to guide you with some applications where you can create money every day by fulfilling some simple tasks. Therefore go through our whole article and benefit yourself.

10 mega apps that pay you super quick

Out of so many options available, we bring you these 10 depending on some criterias like trust-factor, payment frequency, and more. Let’s have a look at them:


This great app lets you earn bitcoins through fulfilling tasks like playing games, installing apps, doing surveys, watching ads.

You can later use those bitcoins and convert them into cash from a coin base and enjoy your life in spending.


Swagbucks has both a webpage and an app, and you can use them both on your phone. We recommend installing the app because it makes earning money a lot easier.

Get “SB” points by answering questions, doing surveys, playing games, and watching different videos, which you can redeem for $3 – $25 from PayPal, Amazon gift cards, and Starbucks.


It’s a free app that rewards its users for unlocking their phone’s screen. Unbelievable but true, and many other excellent ways to earn cash from this app are downloading the apps they promote or watching the videos they give.

After earning 2000 coins, you can convert them to $2 via PayPal. It’s super easy to handle, and a great way to earn some legit money online.

Google Opinion Rewards

Well, this time, it may not come as money, but it will come as rewards. It’s trusted because Google owns it. You can earn points here by giving your opinion on products and make the points.

Remember, the points can only be redeemed on downloading apps, movies, music, books, and other Google services.

Pact App

If you are not lazy and want to be healthy while earning money, this is the best for you. It will pay you depending on your marked goals and achieving them.

But if you miss getting to your goal, you have to pay for others who did achieve theirs. If you have an interest in this, you can check the app in the google store.

Earn money

It will be a fantastic app for you if you have a lot of free time. This app lets you earn money by downloading their suggested apps.

There are alternative ways like watching the ads, but you want to have a good internet connection and space on your phone.


Do you love taking pictures? Then you are going to love making money with this photography app. All you have to do is click some beautiful photos which they may use to cover some journals and pay you for that.

Get the app now and become a part of the photographers who earn through taking snaps.

Money App

The app gets you to earn money by checking their store display, mystery shopping, giving opinions, playing games, and many more.

The lovely thing about this app is your earned rewards can be turned into cash within 2 – 3 after redeeming them via PayPal. .


This app is customized and was made for market research. You can make money by taking the market surveys, completing tasks, and writing down diaries.

The rewards you get there can either be redeemed as gift cards or use PayPal to get the hard cash.


Introducing you another app that pays you money by buying your clicked photos from you.

Whether you have Android or iPhone, if you have the talent to click some amazing photos, we suggest you download the app.

Final Words

We hope we’ve been a help to you by giving you guidance in earning money online. If you think you need to know more about online earnings and other ways to get money, we have plenty of articles related to your interests!