10 Free Apps That Pay You Money

We all need money, but how many of us have a real income source? Job sectors may have limited places for people to work and earn, but online has unlimited ways for you to gain enough money.

At least having a fair amount of pocket money isn’t bad. Now before you get worried thinking about where to earn, we are here with the solution.

We have 10 free apps in our recommendation which pay you money. Let’s get to know about those apps and how they are going to work for you.


They are a fantastic market research community that tries to improve the mobile internet. After you are done joining their panel, they’ll send you gift cards after a week, but the condition is you have to be active that week.

They give cool giveaways like Samsung, Apple, cannon, and if you keep the software for 30 days, it will give you more credits means more gift cards (you need to redeem the credits).


This one is quite different, but it’ll help you to earn even more extra cash. When you purchase something from this app, it deposits the cashback into your bank account.

This way, you can save more than 100 dollars with their coupons.

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Earning some money is a lot easier with Swagbucks because it pays you for doing some tasks only.

The great news is to fill those tasks. You need just a smartphone and internet connection.

They have six options for you to earn money, but among all those, the popular options are joining their surveys, watching videos and ads, shopping from their store for getting cashback.

Why not you get to connect yourself with them?


This one is in my favorites list because it is super easy to use and enjoyable to earn. This requires one simple thing, and that is you need to take a picture of any receipts.

No matter where you shopped or how much or less you spent, just get its picture and earn for it.

Also, by joining their weekly contests and sharing your thoughts, you can get up to 200 dollars.


A trusted company willing to pay you dollars when you become their member.

You are sure to be paid $5 right after creating an account, and then the journey of earning extra money is the beginning. Simply by doing the surveys there and watching videos earn up to 50 dollars a day.


This one just like a previous app we talked about, ‘Groupon.’ This time you just need a PayPal account, and then they have to deposit the cash you get back after purchasing from them.

Google Opinion Rewards

If you have read before such articles, you already know about it because it’s famous and trusted. If you don’t know, then we are here to tell you about it.

You earn money here by giving your personal opinion on the products. The most lovely matter about it is when you reach 2 dollars automatically deposited to your PayPal.

You don’t want to miss such a great deal to earn some free money so grab the chance.


This one is a big deal when it comes to getting cash back on purchasing. Truly Rakuten gives a great percentage of cashback depending on the purchase if you shop from there, and that returned cash is paid to you via check after every three months.

Join them now to not miss this easy chance of getting cash back.


Honey is another different yet easy earning money way. It works like a helping hand to save you money by giving you coupons checking your choices and purchase.

Saving money and earning money is almost the same thing. It manages the coupons that save you money no matter what you purchase. You just need to have their honey extension downloaded.

It could be perfect for you to shot at Amazon, and you are guaranteed to be benefitted.


You will love this one for making money because it’s a place where you can sell. If you have an old DVD, CD, or any other electronics, you can sell them here and get money from those.

We know this is more amazing, and you should try this one at least.

Final Words

These amazing apps are not the only ones by which you can earn money. There are more, and we have plenty of other articles written on them by which you can benefit yourself more after reading.